Beadnell Bay Camping & Caravanning Club Site Tour

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Let us take you for a walk around Beadnell Bay to show you what the site has to offer, it's facilities and show you just how friendly they are at this wonderdful site. Starting with the moment we arrived at the front entrance.

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We've used the friendly club loads of times, and they are exactly that, friendly. Usually once they've sited us they tell you where everything is and give you a leaflet, I feel this is good customer service and better for waste etc, it does also include passwords and gate numbers etc., once again, love your vlogs, look forward to them 😊

Author — Wendy Lincoln


I would most definately stay here. I love seaside camp sites and they really do seem a very friendly site, clean too. The thing about them leading you to the pitch on a bike really appeals to me (don't know why), I loved it when I first saw it on the other video. Nice personal touches too by the looks of things, great site!

Author — Mark R


Keep it coming. loving every minute of your campsite reviews

Author — John Beach


Loved the friendly club it nice, clean everything is there what you need sea nearby and the main thing is the pub closeby keep cooking stay safe xx

Author — Ellen Kellett


You are pure genuis; just when I think it is the end of your videos, you pull a golden egg out of your pocket. Awesome idea for a way to enable you to include your lovely wife, yet still bring so much entertainment to the audience.

Author — Shawn Statzer


This looks like another great place to stay and so close to the beach for an evening stroll. You have a great pitch in that corner with lovely views.

Author — David Howard


Awesome to see you guys hold hands. You were made for each other. Be safe, you Trolls.😎👍🍺

Author — Charlie Mac


Looks fabulous we're thinking of heading that way in August 🤞

Author — John


Omg you're so close to Seahouses, i have very fond childhood memories of that place, i recommend the boat trip to the Farne Islands if you get the chance.

Author — H4WK69


Beautiful place. Love the beach nearby. 💚

Author — Ronda Walker


Great vlog you two ... Never been that way but interesting . Didn't look too cold but guess when the wind blows it blows 😂

Author — webgibs


Do you still own a metal detector dan? Was wondering while being on the beach if you ever thought about detecting while there. Saying that I guess it depends on weight too. Great video, lovely campsite

Author — Gary Beaumont


We do love the area we live and tour with our mazda bongo, it's handy and beautiful part of the UK, enjoy your visit to the area.

Author — Joseph Gardner


Hope you are enjoying the beautful Northumberland coast. I am so fortunate too live here.

Author — Graham Thompson1


Was nice to see and say hello to you two in person :) We were the couple leaving the campsite heading to Berwick :)

Author — Jason Nolan


Lovely place, thank you for sharing 💕

Author — Jean Beatty


Hi dan and mazzy another nice camp site nice beach too enjoy 😃

Author — Julie Pownall


Dynamic Duo Big Thumbs UP Love your ADVENTURES

Author — Mary Garner


Great place to be the Northumberland coast stunning.! Great video guys.!! 👍

Author — Nathan Jones


That’s about 15 minutes from our home and me and the wife follow you both on YouTube and really enjoy your vlog. We have a kontiki 625 motorhome and hopefully meet you somewhere.

Author — Phil Brown