Soviet Cafe 'Kvartirka'. St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian Cuisine.

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Kvartirka is a Russian cuisine restaurant designed as the Soviet Union flat - interior, furniture, things and music.

One of my favorite places to eat Russian food in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Olivier salad with doctor sausage (aka "winter salad"), dressed herring, borscht, solyanka, home-style chicken noodle soup, ukha fish soup, pelmeni, vareniki, mushroom and chicken julienne, pirozhok pie, passtegai pie with fish, draniki potato patties, granny-style pancakes or blini, stroganoff with buckwheat, NAVY-style macaroni with minced marbled beef and many more different dishes.

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Having lived through the 60's and 70's it was interesting to see old Russian equipment was not too different from old American equipment. That food certainly looked good, I was surprised to see so many large pictures in the food menu - that is a good idea!
For a channel about Real Russia, this video was right on topic - good job!

Author — Larry Serflaten


Sergey, I hope you did not really have to eat all that and could take some to go. Thank you for showing another wonderful restaurant in Russia. All the restaurants that are not chains there are so atmospheric. It is a real treat because one gets to have a real experience as opposed to just eating. All the restaurants seem so classy (not in the high society sense, but the atmospheric sense) and clean.
Our restaurants her in the states are boring and just copy each other and don't really care.
I like seeing and learning a bit about Russian history. I love that they had the old vinyl records. I wish I had a Russian vinyl record in my collection. I have some Russian music on vinyl, but made in the states, that is not the same thing. I'd love to get something from Russia period just to have. Of course, the best thing of all I already have: My very dear friend Marta in Russia and some Russian vloggers such as you, Valeria at Different Russia and now Tanya at Russki as acquaintances. There is nothing better than having international friends.

Author — Eric Elliott


This is genius! This is great for people who are curious what other countries are like because either they will never be able to go and these videos are the closest they will get or it lets one see if they want to visit. The food looked great. I just ran into this video cuz I couldn't sleep and it's real late but I see you made other videos, so, I go...

Author — Rei Lea


I love this video! It reminds me of the wonderful times I had in 1990 and 1991, staying with my friends in Moscow and Leningrad (as it was at that time). Russian cooking is delicious! My favorite thing about it is the great variety of delicious soups, and my favorite soup is svekolnik. Another thing I liked was all the dishes made with wild mushrooms that we picked in the forest. That's not very common in the US, so it was a real treat for me!

Author — dancing giraffe


Oh my! I think I just had a food coma by looking at all that! 😂 the restaurant and all the decorations are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Author — Liz A.


I need to visit Russia real soon, before places like this are all gone ..its like a complete throwback to Soviet Russia, , a time capsule ... we dont even realize how lucky we are that we could still Visit such places to enjoy their food, meet the genuinely nice people, learn more about their culture ... Honestly i feel like this would be such a great experience, far better than going to some over rated City like Paris or Rome .. Not making a comparison as those places are also nice to see at least once ..but eating in places like this, Honestly its better than dining at a Fancy Restaurant, because its so genuinely Authentic ..

Author — Jeff from Jersey


What a wonderfully quirky restaurant and what a beautiful city.

Author — Heru- deshet


Beautiful, very impressive city of historical significance. The cafe food looked like delicious "comfort food". I cannot blame you for eating so much.

Author — Geraldine Fields


That is Soviet Soul Food. Looked great.

Author — Jim Tomlinson


It is a nice tradition showing respect to the victims and heroes of the siege. Thanks for giving us knowledge of Real Russia. You do give an intimate perspective not found elsewhere in the true tradition of your channel. Thanks so much, Friend.

Author — Usagiynami


One of my great memories of our trip along the "Silk Road" and in to one of the former Soviet Asian nations. We had dinner in q place that looked very much like this one. After a very ordinary meal, our party was offered "dessert." Most went for it. My wife and I declined. Each lucky recipient was served that place's equivalent of an Eskimo Pie. Did we laugh? Oh, yeah!

Author — Pops150


I just discovered your channel today and I love it! It's been a dream of mine to go to Russia for many years, so it's amazing to get glimpses into the country like this. This will certainly be at the top of my list of restaurants if I eventually make it to Russia!

Author — Sarah McFarlane


Bravo! Sergey. Enjoyed you tour de Menu, St. Petersburg. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. Food looks delicious and hardy. Great for 30 below weather. The restaurant was very quaint in preserving the past. Before retiring, I lived in 40 below Minnesota.

Author — Erik Raichle


I love it. 10 years ago I went on a trip on the Trans-Siberian. Ended up staying with a family somewhere outside Irkutsk and every day we had beautiful Soviet-style meals just like yours, in their little Soviet house! It was a wonderful experience and I miss the wonderful Russian food and people.

Author — Vermillion Dawn


It all looks so delicious! I love the very welcoming decor. It gives the feeling of being in a home.

Author — StarDreamMemories



Author — WeAre NotAlone


The food looked wonderful! Thank you for showing us. I love that restaurant!

Author — Debra Boyea


I would definitely add this restaurant to my *must see* places if ever I can visit Russia.

Author — Defcon One


nostalgia is in the heart. always to reminded. every era has it, s own special features. looks cosy, and inviting and feels like home. it looks all delicious. and you have a good time absorbing it. bon appetit.

Author — okay vision


Really cool of you to order so many dishes to show us more authentic cuisine. So many dishes can’t be cheap but it shows us your dedication to this channel and your viewers by showcasing all the dishes. Thank you 🙏:)

Author — Endeavor