Top 6 Mistakes That NEW STREAMERS Make!

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Top 6 Mistakes That NEW STREAMERS Make! 5

Top 6 Mistakes that NEW STREAMERS Make

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy the video! I wanted to shed some light on mistakes that my friends and I have made plus also some common mistakes I see new streamers making. I hope you can learn from our mistakes so you can GROW faster and not have to make the same ones we did!

Let me know some mistakes you have made in the comments below!


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Are there some mistakes you think should have made this list? What are they?!



Hahaha “you’re pretty much in the depths of hell”

Author — Stevie saldivar


this video was really informative for me! now i feel like i already messed up because i did everything on there!!!😹😹 but there’s room for improvement and i’ll work on that tonight!!!

Author — Miranda Kent


I want to see a video of just you dancing like in the beginning please, thanks

Author — Cherish Chanel


As a new streamer that works on these key things all the time I agree! Number 1 for me, not talking of the stream. Whether I’m tired or games or wack. I need the practice of just speaking out loud. Love the content!

Author — XVLN Ishii


keep it up with these awesome videos!!!!👏🏼👍🏼💪🏼

Author — Miranda Kent


Oh my gosh! You're so adorable! Yeah! Good advice!

Author — RethaSim


This is good information, I believe it's relevant for people like me beginning to stream, not in the game arena but in relationships matter on YouTube.what do you think would be the most important thing to do for me as such so that I can grow?

Author — JSM instant coaching


Hi Ghost, these are some helpful tips. Thank you.

Whenever I stream I don't show my face. Because I needed the tripod and a webcam to record the tv screen since I dont have a capture card.

I tried to web cam back then Im not used to seeing my face recorded while streaming.

I do mostly voice over and been talking to myself since when I was a kid. I didnt know it was essential to streaming.

Do I still need to stream showing myself with a web cam?

Ill sub thank you dude!

Author — SorNekful