2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum – Interior Details

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2020 Toyota Highlander Platinum – Interior Details 4.5

Toyota has priced its new 2020 Highlander on the expensive side of the three-row SUV segment. It starts at $35,720 for the base L model, a few thousand dollars more than competitors such as the Chevy Traverse, Honda Pilot, and Mazda CX-9. The hybrid model, which starts off at the LE trim level, starts at $39,320 and ranges up to over $50,000 when fully loaded.

That starting price is $2770 higher than the old Highlander, which is mostly attributable to the fact that the previous base engine, a 2.7-liter inline-four, has been dropped. A 3.5-liter V-6 engine is newly standard on all gas models and it mates with an eight-speed automatic and either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive for $1600–$1950 extra. Trim levels for the V-6 model start off with L and also include LE ($37,920), XLE ($40,720), Limited ($44,770), and Platinum ($47,970).

The 2020 Highlander hybrid has a new powertrain that uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine rather than the previous model's 3.5-liter V-6 engine. It promises higher fuel economy than before, and it too is slightly more expensive than the 2019 Highlander. Hybrid pricing starts at $39,320 for the LE despite the fact that all-wheel-drive is no longer standard. The hybrid is also available in the better-equipped XLE ($42,120), Limited ($46,170), and Platinum ($49,370) trim levels.

Nonhybrid 2020 Highlander models will start arriving at dealerships in December, while hybrids will go on sale in February 2020.

Source: Toyota

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٣٦٠٠٠ وخلي الباقي عشانك
جهز واحده كاملة المواصفات

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Get over the Boot pf the car 😂 we get it ... it opens and closes itself like it has been for the past 10 years.

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بوجميل يتفرج 🤔على الفديو ويمخَمخ 🚬وش اشلح وش اشيل 🚬🚬🚬🚬😂😂😂😂

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وبتجي عندنا بسعوديه كنها جايه من جبل علي 🙂💔

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The English comment that ur looking for

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Сколько у меня машин было, я понял одно что Тойота самая надёжная машина в мире.

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هذه تتشلح كمبليت وتجيك بعد التعديل راف فور لاندر وقير cvt ومكينة 2.0 👍🏻😂💔

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I think they should add tow bar before our local installer mess it up lol

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التعليقات محبطه.. بس السياره دخلت قلبي... خييييبه عاد ما قلب 😂💔

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اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين.

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✔ Fajr.
✔ Dhuhr.
✔ Asr.
✔ Maghrib.
✔ Isha.
A check list but ensure that you Pray them all everyday.

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المشكلة ابو جميل يشلحه ويشل القطع ويبيعها لك مفرده ويعرضها لك اكسسوارات

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الله يغفر له ويرحمه توفى عبداللطيف جميل
من زمان الحين عياله اللي ماسكين الوكالة
ماله ذنب في التشليح الان

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السياره راح تكون منافسه لا سيارة سنتافي وهاذى صنع امريكي مثل افالون وغيره بس الله يستر من ابو جميل وقسم لا يهبل فيها

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المواصفات عندنا تجي اقل وسعر مرتفع ان شاءالله نفتك من الوكلاء النصابين

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Just I'm gonna say أللهم أرزقنا يااااااارب ☝

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You have done a very nice job .
Congratulations !!!



الحين بيجيبها عبد الطيف جميل ويحطها استاندر شركات واستاندر مطور ونص فل بدون فتحة ونص فل بفتحه وفل كامل عادي وفل كامل لمتد
ويلعب على خلق الله بالاسعار
وكلها تجميع في ميناء جده

Author — ولد الشايب 0


This is what the Lexus RX 350 should have been... Well done Toyota 👍👌

Author — Vel Boone


Böyle bir Motor a anca Arab lar yorum yazar 😀

Author — Aydın Yılmaz