BMW X4M v Porsche Macan Turbo v Alfa Stelvio QV: DRAG RACE

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago


Who’s ready for an almighty SUV drag race?! We’ve got the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio going up against the BMW X4M Competition & Porsche Macan Turbo!

So how do these three super sports utility vehicles compare? Well first up we’ve got Mat in the Alfa, which is powered by a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6, which will put down 510hp & 600Nm of torque.

As for Yianni’s X4M, you’ll find a 3-litre straight-six under the bonnet (the same as in the new M3 & M4), which produces 510hp & 600Nm. And last up we have the Porsche, which may have the same size engine as the Alfa (a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6), however it's down on power, only putting down 440hp & 550Nm.

So, they’re all relatively similar! The question is, can the BMW really justify its £83,000 price tag, especially when you consider the Alfa & Porsche come in at £73k & £69k respectively?

There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!


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💬 Comments

X4M was like “you said 4cyl I will give you 4cyl power on the first run”

Author — CrazeyP


I’m taking the Alfa need I say more ?! 😂

Author — Trey Ruiz


The stelvio sounds and looks so good it's always gonna be my pick.

Author — Ryan Dougherty


Man that Alfa sounds really really good compared to the BMW or the Porsche hands down

Author — mikey_n_vegas


Mat: Time for a sound check
Wind noise: *Nope.*

Author — R33C3


Stelvio sounds amazing but i prefer the looks of the porsche its beautiful, had a feeling the bmw would win before the race but if i had to choose one of these it be the porsche 👌👍

Author — John White


The BMW is impressive, what's even more impressive is that the Macan with 60 hp and 50 Nm less but 100 kg more than the Stelvio was not getting beaten that bad in fact was very close.

Author — alexlanza7&9


I love how yanni claps his hand when he is winning, still a kid at heart 😂

Author — Bhav Sood


I really like the relationship between Mat and Yanny. They seem to have such a healthy friendship. I also really like Yanny. I didn't love him when he first came on the channel, but I really like him now. He always seems pretty cheery and happy, he's now a very gracious loser, plays (mostly) fair, and just seems really friendly and a pleasure to be around. Keep up the positivity, I love the content!

Author — Ryan Kassel


If only the Porsche had a bit more horsepower for the drag race, it launches beautify and definitely my favorite one

Author — Ethan Fairburn


Wonder what would happen if the Alfa had launch control?

Author — Jeremy Fong


If Porsche had same power this race would be very, very different. 🙂

Author — Valentin


I have to say BMW in standing quarter mile is impressive.. must be the launch control.. M5 Comp leads its class.. I am sure the new M3 does as well..

Author — Newmarket Central Management


I always impressed by Mat knowledge of car, of course he's a car journalist. Not just remember the car, but also the engine line up from a brand.

Author — Andrean Rakka


Love how passionate Yanni is about the brake test 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Ben Griffiths


Good to finally see Yanny win in a race. Mates got a big smile on his face

Author — Rishi Dhokia


That 2.9L V6 on the Stelvio sounds GLORIOUS!

Author — Marios


Would be cool to see new 2022 BMW X4 M Comp vs Alfa, Porce Maca GTS, and 2021 AMG GLC 63 S. Curious just how much extra torque helps it get off the line.

Author — zizou44


The videos with you both in make me laugh like I'm watching a Hollywood comedy. Such great "bantz" between you both. Thank you on behalf of everyone who watches you 😂

Author — kevin cassell


BMW are on a roll. The X4m is really a mini X6m, much like the M4 is a mini M8. Great cars. If you were to take an X4m over the equivalent X5 or X6, you wouldn't bed disappointed.

Author — Lionel Anderson