Nenet, Komi and Khanty Reindeer Skin Tents - Ненет, Коми Ханты палатки

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Nenet, Komi and Khanty Reindeer Skin Tents - Ненет, Коми Ханты палатки 4.5

In the far north of Siberia on the Yamal Peninsular a remote group of nomadic reindeer herders still live in tents whose design may date back thousands of years. The precursor to the modern tipi (tepee), the choom is made of fir poles and has covers of reindeer (caribou) hide. They move every few days throughout the winter so that the herd can gain access to the hidden fields of lichen that lie beneath the snow.

A short research film looking at the making and moving of the traditional choom (also chum or tchum) of the Siberian reindeer herding nomads on and around the Yamaal Peninsular. See

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Eight hours work, eight hours sleep, eight hours socializing. The civilized life.

Author — karenza t. Wall


Respect for this people, when I walk out on winter with 3 degrees celsius for ten minutes, I feel I'm diying

Author — juan dominguez


Loved watching the little kids. They look literally like dolls.

Author — Pradeep Poonia


It's remind me of an ice age where the baby is so cute👶👶👶👶👶

Author — dao chwa lakiang 18


Imagine how much more ingenuity their ancestors had to have before the advent of iron axes, scissors, and metal knives. This film was so fascinating.

Author — Sidilicious


Yep I'm officially a lazy pos compared to them

Author — Jay Lew


Such a hard life but c the lovely babies so pretty ones they are too tuff powerful women and man

Author — Piggro Pigs


Fantastic! Thank you for posting this video.

Author — Candied Ginger


I am never going to complain about how difficult being a woman is again.

Author — julialeite63


Beautiful, I really admire these people. The children are so cute.

Author — Libertad Amina


Amazing shelter, looks so cozy too. Subscribed.

Author — Greg Kral


There skill is beyond western imagination

Author — fjellstorm _bushcraft


WOW, tough existence, we are all going there soon

Author — Harold Icks


Thank you for posting. Wonderful tough people!

Author — Angela Cook


they are really great ...god pls help them save them

Author — B C P


14:34 Man I can't even match the level of tolerance of that baby..

Author — Nikhil Mahajan


The child does well in the hanging bed while the women are busy.

Author — Marian Chadwick


It’s impossible to get this tent back into its stuff sack!

Author — Leigh Hunter


I think this kind of life would kill me straight away. When I was younger I think I could have handeled it but I am a old man now

Author — comontater


Wow ! Now THAT was absolutely awesome !! 🙂
I just learned something to the very core of my being .

Author — Caswallon and Flur