Bach: Harpsichord Concerto No.1 in D Minor BWV 1052 (Jean Rondeau)

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Jean Rondeau, the imaginative young French harpsichordist, describes the Bach family as “one of the great dynasties of western music”. Having devoted his first Erato disc, Imagine, to works by the towering Johann Sebastian, he now returns to Bach’s world for his third release, Dynastie, which complements concertos by Johann Sebastian with concertos by his three most famous sons, Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emmanuel and Johann Christian.


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💬 Комментарии

I absolutely love the "I'm slowly going insane, but here is some beautiful music" look.

Автор — cube11235


Exceptionnel. Félicitations. Il y a beaucoup de versions, celle-ci est superbe. Mais où sont les deux autres mouvements ? On aimerait avoir l'ensemble. Je suppose qu'il y a un CD.

Автор — François Sastourné


The harpsichord must have been like the electric guitar of its time.
So raw, reminds me of heavy metal.

Автор — Sven


Props to the camera person too and their editing, snapping to different instruments at the right times. For example, the call-and-response between violin 1 and violin 2 at 2:47 🙌

Автор — Shane Hodder


omg this is so FIERCE, it sends chills up my spine. Bach played with vigor and passion instead of effete refinement....though the technical aspect is all there, too. Amazing.

Автор — Thad Horner


I like Bach so much because he was always surpass his own climax over and over again and everything in the same piece. His music is interlocked and never seem to stop that keeps me tracked and constantly amazed.

Автор — Ludwig van Beethoven


God that continuous motion in the melody, I love Bach

Автор — Kingviper289


The Harpsichord is such a wonderfull instrument. I just love it.

Автор — RotesBeef


Tremendous! Rondeau is a true virtuoso who puts so much soul to his performances. We are sent straight back to around 1734 and JS Bach himself. I think it was his first harpsichord concerto? It is just pure genius from the man JSB, and Rondeau’s fingers full of MAGIC. Thank you for sharing.

Автор — Fernando Guibert


They're so good. These guys are the real deal. Played technically perfectly, and with an early music ensemble that is how Bach originally intended!

Автор — David McCoul


So happy to hear an arrangement that's all about the delightful crunch of the harpsichord. This is one of those performances that gets people into classical.

Автор — Gary Strong


Truly Amazing performance! Jean is my all-time favorite Harpsichordist!

Автор — Vince Hammond


These small ensembles are one of the reasons why I love baroque music. You so clearly hear the individual voices, it's so intimate and direct. The large orchestras required to play, say, Bruckner and Wagner are just lacking this kind of intimacy.

Автор — Big Yikes


This is the most perfect rendition of this piece I have ever heard in my life. The harpsichord in this is AMAZING. I'm so thankful I found this piece

Автор — Megumin


Именно такая музыка очень хороша... Прочищает всю Мировоззрение.... Ушами... Слушать.... Полезное... Браво этим классическим музыкантам и огромное спасибо за радость слышать такое безупречное исполнение...

Автор — Светлана Емельянова


There's not an instrument I love to hear more than the harpsichord

Автор — Dankoo Ryuk


Man, what a virtuoso keyboard artist this guy is—- wow. He is obviously the leader, with all the other musicians cueing their moves (and their playing) on what he does.



Love seeing the faces of the musicians and expressions which certain notes and stretching for accuracy and feeling show. A most beautiful accompaniment to the incredible music.

Автор — Lynne LeBlanc


Imagine if Bach and other classical composers could hear this today🤧, still being played and goodness

Автор — Jay Davidson


Fantastic. Great perfomance of the greatest piece of all times.

Автор — Förnamn Efternamn