Boeing's China Problem

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Boeing's China Problem 5

Animation by Josh Sherrington
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation


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"A new aircraft was delivered to a Chinese airline every 21 hours". Wow, sounds like you should make a video on how manufacturers deliver their aircraft to airline customers! :)

Author — Canadian Plane Spotter


No airplane company should EVER. Be able to self certify anything on their plane. Like a fox in a chicken coop

Author — Jack Wilbur


2 crashes, 346 deaths. And FAA give authority to Boeing to review themselves?? Very fishy

Author — XJ Hao


The FAA failed to keep its leading role because it tried to protect Boeing and ignored the evidence

Author — sushi777300


Like the rest of the US govn't, the FAA is totally corrupted by big corporate money!!!

Author — autoyota


We’ve had Boeing’s China Problem. We’ve had China’s Geography Problem. Now to complete the trinity we must have...
Geography’s Boeing Problem

Author — The Lorax


"Perhaps Boeing's largest problem is still to come."
Buddy, you had no idea.

Author — bladerunner12


In ten years the Chinese are not going to buy a single jet from Boeing.

Author — Gluluman


Does take a genius to figure out somethings wrong when two of the same plane crash within months of each other.
And it doesnt take a genius to figure out the FAA is a biased authority (And is basically owned by Boeing)

Author — 1 2 3 Four Five


Boeing:we will fix the max problem shortly, please be patient.
China:ok I will be waiting for you.
Coronavirus:you know what? no one is going to fly anymore.

Author — Caster Europe


A video about planes AND China? What is this, some sort of crossover episode?

Author — Blemone


The 737 Max is by no way a "new" aircraft. It's just the latest variant of a 50yo plane, even older when it's components are considered.

Author — Uncle Joe


China could swap Huawei against Boeing "safety concerns"

Author — ulfpe


So this video is actually about boeing's 737 Max problem

Author — Eris Young


Who could have predicted a day when the CAAC, would have more credibility than the FAA.

Author — Grey Hunter


In China most big companies are government owned, in the USA most government is big company owned.

Author — Mark Stuckey


that ARJ21 is like a plane version of Berlin Brandenburg airport

Author — LiTi Aviation


It’s funny how bad the beginning of this video has aged

Author — TheLugiaExpert


"Just by LOOKING at this plane, you can tell it's built to compete directly with Airbus' A320 and Boeing's 737"
uhhh no I did not notice that

Author — JackyDawg12


I have a feeling recent events have changed some of the "facts" in this video

Author — Two_Heads_Talking