Putin visits hospital for coronavirus patients

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Putin visits hospital for coronavirus patients 5
The mayor of Moscow told President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday that the number of #coronavirus cases in the Russian capital has far exceeded the official figures, as Putin donned a protective suit and respirator to visit a hospital. #COVID19 #Russia

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In Russia, even the Dr looks like he has an assault rifle.

Author — MrMaker


Not going to lie Putin is a bad ass for real like most leaders are crying this dude is like I go it’s danger don’t care

Author — Blake Lake


Putin is not scared of Corona, Corona is afraid of putin.say hello to mother Russia.with love from Africa.

Author — Bolaji Aiyegboyin


When in Russia, presidents aren’t scared of corona, corona is scared of presidents

Author — Umar Patel


Putin is bad ass leader. Hes going into the field seeing the cases up close and hearing the doctors responses and concerns. True leadership.

Author — Ninja k


In USA coronavirus infects you.

In mother soviet Russia, Putin infects coronavirus

Author — HandsOner


Despite our political differences the world over, we're all in this together. Stay safe, Russia. ✌️

Author — Margo


Donald trump: Tried his best to not get infected.

Putin: Casually visits a hospital of covid.

Author — Kiro Sensei


Putin is showing to Russian that the Coronavirus disease is dangerous. Please follow the government policy to quarantine

Author — Howard Leung


i think he should not risk his life, president born every day but leader born once in century,

Author — Shahzad Subay


A true leader lead by example to his people, how not to treat this virus lightly.

Author — Htin Moe


Putin not scared of corona. Corona scared of putin

Author — heey it's me


The doctor in this video tested positive for Corona virus. Putin stupidly took no precaution of social distancing or washing hands. Two weeks from now there will be a state funeral for Putin followed by civil war in Russia.

Author — Gerald O'Hare


Putin's hazmat suit + mask...should it a standard requirement for all healthcare workers? Give all healthcare workers the best protective gear available on the market.

Author — anonymous targetindividual


Corona gets a 14 days quarantine after infecting Putin

Author — Sam z.


In Morocco the “king” didn’t dare just to speak to moroccans and no help for the majority who are poor 😤

Author — Mona Liza


It’s even getting bad in Russia. Respect to Putin for being a caring leader

Author — MAGA Aaron


Gotta hand it to him. He's the first leader I've seen wearing PPE. The man has balls and it is very confidence inspiring.

Author — snarlbuckle


Even their doctors also look like big mafia

Author — Youtube Sj


And the only president ever to do so... Mad mad respect.

Author — LucifeL MartelL