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Airgun expert James Marchington is getting some extraordinary images of British wildlife using his garden as a free drive-though restaurant. Within minutes of setting up a new bait station, he attracts a jay and a robin but what he's really after is a squirrel. When one obliges James talks us through his well placed head shot.

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▶ Shoot responsibly
▶ Respect the quarry
▶ Ensure a humane, clean and quick kill

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Government : work from home
Sas snipers:

Author — Big0tips01


That is exactly how I picture SAS snipers. Sitting with a clean button down *sips tea casually* "it's best to get a headshot".

Author — Atvsrawsome


Who else thought the goose was talking at 0:10

Author — Pee


Squirrel: Yummy i found some peanuts.

Sniper: No. I found a headshot

Author — Christian Sama


I shot a squirrel with a 300 win mag once... only found a foot...

Author — Eric kremer


Regular hunters: I shot a squirrel nothing special.

The guy with glasses in an anime:

Author — MiningLedgends


it looked like my mom throwing a shoe at me 2:43

Author — Paul Sengo


Squirrels on my backyards have been real quite since this video pop up on my recommendation 😂💔

Author — Seve Vero


I use a 50bmg for pest control. Literally magic, disappearing act

Author — Today is Especially Delicious


His neighbors must think he's a relative of Lee Harvey

Author — No Luck, Pure Skill


"Thanks for standing still wanker!"
- A certain someone

Author — Lewd Dark Elf


Bro my dad feeds the squirrels this hits different 🤦‍♂️

Author — Carlos e Arriaza


Quick and painless. My ideal shot no misery for the animal but a quick painless death

Author — cromwel umali


I looked at the thumbnail and thought he was gonna use an axe for some reason. lol

Author — CanadianNinja


I felt like I was watching “Meet the Sniper”, where we see what he does on his day off

Author — Wesley Sorrell


youtube is odd, watching a video with rescue pet squirrels being cute followed up by a slow motion dont know what theyre telling me

Author — jp jones


What information did that squirrel have on Hillary Clinton?

Author — kicktotheliver


Of course the english sniper has his tea with him as he waits for target xD

Author — Team Kuuki Food & Games


Pink mist sad but fascinating that Hollywood doesn't always make scenes look over the top.

Author — Alexander Nunez


As a fellow varminter I have to say great job sir!
Subbed 😁👍

Author — C B