The Future of Colonizing Space- Neil deGrasse Tyson- WGS 2018

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The Future of Colonizing Space- Neil deGrasse Tyson- WGS 2018 4.5

Space missions need to have a defensive component or economic benefit. With economic returns often uncertain, space programmes have tended to be led by governments, because only they can invest in programmes that have a long-term pay-off, whether economic or geopolitical. When it comes to saving humanity from an asteroid impact, Tyson stressed that rather than establishing colonies in space, we would be better to try to deflect the asteroid.

تحدث نيل ديغراس تايسون، عالم الفيزياء الفلكية، أن البعثات الفضائية تُطلق عادةً إما لأغراض دفاعية أو اقتصادية لتبرير غايتها. وفي غياب ضمانات العائد الاقتصادي بالنسبة إلى القطاع الخاص، تتولى الحكومات إدارة جميع برامج الفضاء لما تملكه من قدره على الاستثمار في برامج ذات عائد طويل الأجل، سواء كان لهذا العائد بُعد اقتصادي أو جيوسياسي. أما بالنسبة إلى الدعوة لبناء مستعمرات على سطح الكواكب الأخرى تحسبًا لأي دمار قد يحلّ بكوكب الأرض نتيجة تعرضه لاصطدام نيزك، قال تايسون إن تحويل مسار النيزك يظل هو الحل الأمثل في هذه المرحلة

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NDT: "Today Royalty is not as powerful over nations as it was two hundred years ago"

UAE: *nervous shuffling*

Author — Alexandar Mechev


"People will spend almost any amount of money to not die" - Neil deGrasse Tyson 2018

Author — Evan Bozogan


Neil could talk about his kitchen counters, and I would still listen for an hour.

Author — Nick Anderson


"Colonization has too much baggage, let's call them settlements."

*Laughs in Palestinian*

Author — Chad Baker


23:54 Well this didn't age well lmao.
Elon already succeeded with Space X. Neil did take an L on that one but it is good to know that he supports Space X and Elon's ambitions now. Elon and his team talks the talk and walks the walk

Author — Suーちん


Love the Van Gogh painting on the back of his Macbook

Author — 4c00h


45:58 "How do you get rid of a body?"
Just ask Saudi Arabia they chopped up a journalist

Author — RAMBIT


"If someone finds diamonds on the moon"
But we got a lot of diamonds on the Earth. And we can produce them even

Author — Gewel ✔


28:00 Well, yesterday SpaceX took 2 men into orbit. Today those men will doc with the ISS. So that's progress.

Author — redmatrix


Spain’s motivation for exploration: the 3 G’s: Gold, God, Glory.

Author — Mark Ukrainetz


My dad had a co-worker who was somewhat older than he, who loved to tell a story about Sputnik. While his physics teacher was in the middle of a lecture about how aerodynamics and the limitations of chemical energy made it impossible to put an artificial satellite in orbit someone came to the classroom to tell them about Sputnik 1.

Author — David Fortier


2 years later, on the eve of crew dragon, yes, probably private funding and companies will lead the space race :)

Author — Jorge Constâncio


" show the path of freedom over the path of tyranny"
How's your freedom doing?

Author — Alexander Pavlovsky


1. Predicting the future is futile.
2. Predict the future.

Author — Ketter


anyone here amazed that the more we learn the less we actually know

Author — buddy moore


7:22 And it was natural, this pace would be kept the same and even grown, the ONLY problem was politics, the dumbest thing.

Author — dragon


All the trolls make me laugh. He's a brilliant guy. He makes a mountain of valid points and people cherry pick one line out and present it in a sarcastic manner. It's so boring. YAWN.

Author — Jim Eddinger


It feels like this genius is holding back a lot just because he grabbed the concept of negative predictions from the past.

Author — Syed Muhammad Saim


Intro: people wildly underestimated the pace of future advancement.
Later: super conservative estimates about space exploration.

Author — Ron M


"They'll probably die..."

Author — Marino MacDonald