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The Australien Government has made an ad about its hotel quarantine and vaccines policies, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

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I've avoided making a video about our Government's handling of the pandemic for the past year - for a couple of reasons, one being that so much is already being said about it. But with the Delta outbreak in NSW getting out of control, I think it's important to help amplify a few critical messages that experts and epidemiologists have been trying to communicate to us: about the airborne transmission of Covid, and the direct links between the failure of the current hotel quarantine system and the constant outbreaks and lockdowns we’re seeing – such as the one gripping Sydney right now.

I realise Australia’s pandemic situation is much less shit than many other countries' - including ones where many of our non-Aussie viewers live. However our relative success so far has been in spite of, rather than thanks to, our federal Government's pandemic response. We've managed well thanks some of our States’ efforts – not to mention the sacrifices made by all of us, and especially frontline healthcare workers. Meanwhile, our federal government's key policy seems to have been not listening to experts until the eleventh hour and then blaming everyone else - State Premiers, limo drivers, ATAGI doctors, all of us - for the resulting shitshow. So I figured it’s time to finally make an Honest Government Ad about this bullshit.

🔸 I've added all the sources I used for this video - if you're after those please check the video description

I'll catch you soon for the podcast companion to this HGA - we'll try to get it out early next week as this is a very topical episode.

Stay safe - especially if you're in NSW.

💛 Giordano & team

Author — thejuicemedia


"We like it when you peasants blame each other ..."

Author — Farshad S


I really wish I could believe the government was goofy instead of evil.

Author — Skully


These ladies were born for this role. Their smile, arms in the hips etc is just brilliant

Author — Zubair Khan


The love I have for this channel cannot be expressed in words!

Author — Andrew F Tutor


“Department of shirking and smirking, and jerking on desks” had me in stitches

Author — DizzyScorpia


We need a version of this commercial but talking about Phil. This is gold.

Author — Noel N


Hah I liked how she pointed out Schmuckmo's smirk at the end. His perpetual smirk always triggers a twinge of annoyance.

Author — sidesw1pe


Hahahah. That was brutally funny. I thought Australia would have been out of this mess just like other developed countries but it seems that the government is doing a great job to provide excellent content material to you guys

Author — Abdullah Asif


I’m starting to believe that the government was the worst decision we ever made.

Author — Empress Davrox


What's really pissing me off about Australia is, that they are letting movie stars in but not their own citizens!

Author — Joshua B.


Creating division is how Fascists operate. Divide and control is the game.

Author — Peter


Love it how you called us peasants. I’ve been saying for a long time that the need to ask our lords for permission to leave the land is a hark back to the days of serfdom 😞

Author — Going Nowhere


I've literally been trying to get my family to understand that THERE IS NO WAY COVID CASES HAPPEN UNLESS HOTELS SUCK AND CASES HAPPEN WITHIN THEM. Thanks for making this video instead of idiots thinking covid just "happened again randomly" in Australia :)

Author — David Mourad


Juicemedia never disappoints when it tackles an issue.

Author — Richard Archer


that katie hopkins reference had me fully wheezing

Author — Nonk


Authorised by the Department for Playing Plague Inc. in Real Life

Author — Leo


Right at the end there, that was the best shit-faced smirk in the whole history of shit-faced smirks! Kudos!
So many great lines in this episode, another masterful video that makes us laugh and cry at the same time. Thank you JM, your videos almost make the shit-fuckery worth the pain.

Author — Tony B


The voice is really really more effective than the subtitles. Who has the voice again? Ladies, three of you, you're amazing! What a content!

Author — Midas Asmorodono Sosronegoro


The worst part of all these is that they are so bang on point they kinda arent funny anymore. Well done guys - brilliant as always & better news than the real news

Author — Tony Newton