Trike Competition with the REVO

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Trike Competition with the REVO 4.5
This video is taken at Trikefest 2010 at Cushing Field. It is a record of the Three Circles Competition for the shortest time to make 3 takeoffs and landings in a 100 ft square box. Larry Mednick is the pilot in a REVO with a Reflex 13 wing. A new all time record of 1 min 24 seconds was set. This displays the manueverability and toughness of the REVO on a grass runway.

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Author — karan


the last half of the video is untouched and in real time.

Author — Larry Mednick


When we say real time - it is. This is a recorded record time with judges endorsement. Trike taxi past is in the forground and looks normal. I did not know it was competition when I was filming or I would have tried to stand in a better vantage point.
I only noticed the speed looking edited when my processor couldn't keep up with the HD stream. Then it jumps and pauses.

Author — wesfrey11


i love to see a master in his craft, , , , that is how it is done!

Author — C Riley


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Author — Maria vale