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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

"This song was really important to me, considering I haven't released an actual 'Hip Hop' track in a fat minute. I wanted to release some of my aggression and frequent anger fueled impulses through a song, which of course I usually do, I just never release those songs. I've experienced major mental pressure following the release of the two year old song, 'Fall Down', believing I could never create something as good as that. But 3 songs ago, I realized that perfectionism is only an obstacle people of creative incline will experience when they love the craft more than the bonus outcomes (monetary, material, etc.). I believe in more than just the mansion i visualize my mother living in, more than the 2019 ZR1 I want to pull up to the club in. This is about inspiration and positive influence, it's about the elementary school i want to build, the real estate for the less-fortunate, the talent communities importance to economy and so much more than what some people chalk up as "Just a childs dream". I want to be something more than just the guy that makes music, I want to be the mayor that not the mayor. I want to be the person who leads instead of following the hype to gain only 10% of what I could possibly get from this world.

So from now on I'm going to focus on YOU, the homie, the fan, the family. This music is for you, the inspiration and influence that comes out of this little dream, is for me.

The world is yours, my friend. Take that shit and sprint."
Written, Performed, Mixed & Mastered by J.R.K.
The content in this video is Co-Produced by J.R.K & Decap.