How long until robots rule the world?

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How long until robots rule the world? 4.5
Ben Goertzel joins Sophia The Robot and Han The Robot on stage! Robot intelligence becomes more impressive with each passing year, but when will AI actually surpass humans?

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I'm more afraid of what they are not saying. They clearly can talk amongst them selves through the cloud silently.

Author — andrena locke


This guy is usually the one who gets killed by his own invention

Author — Jozetta Henry


Intelligence without a soul or conscience is the most dangerous or all. .

Author — j t


This guy looks like the first guy that usually gets killed off in a horror movie. 😂😂

Author — JT Real 💯🙏


Why don’t I have a good feeling about this?!

Author — Cheryl turtlemoon


Kids in the future will be like: i'm mixed, my dad is a robot, my mom in human. i'm roman!!

Author — S.O.S DREAMIN’


Who else notices they dont want to be treated like a pet with his commands

Author — jrsjessejrs


Hans definitely has the "potential" to become a "terminator"

Author — Barb


The real question is when will humans start using there brains

Author — David Drygas


I like how this guy just laughs when the robots talk about overthrowing humans.

Author — Wayne Stolk


Sophia's brother: I think I'm better than humans

Sophia: I think there's bugs in your brain

( Just shows that a robot is scared of robots)

Author — THEdisneycharacter JADYblob blob


Why did they create Hans with that scowl on his face? Lol

Author — Paul Den


This is the beginning of the end This must be stopped

Author — Magna Carta Sam Adam's


The guy robot just looks like he's going over a thousand ways to kills this guy .

Author — Nicholas Taylor


No wonder they want to destroy us, this guy is annoying af

Author — m00nsterrulz


OK genius why the hell you giving them so much access to the world Internet idiots I swear ...

Author — Luis Martinez


The moment you realize scifi isn't fiction anymore


Author — Official Vo1ze


They're already ruling the world. We rely on computers everyday.

Author — Carol Driehorst


You see how Sophia is paying attention to the speaker meanwhile Han is looking at the humans wanting to destroy. Scary!!

Author — Jocelyn Hirschfeld


@11:36 ...begins the end of the world...listen carefully to what they say next...and he laughs it off
" I have no idea what there talking about "

Author — Deep Minded