3.18 - Spark Totems Hierophant - A10 Pts+Labs - 3h35m25s

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Deathless A10 All Skill Points and Story Labs run using Spark Totems on Hierophant in 3h35m25s. Spark is in a great place right now for both self-cast and totems. The power curve on spark feels really nice for both clearing and single target, especially for single when you can line up a boss near a wall or something to bounce the sparks off. Muling a ranger for pierce is necessary as playing spark without a source of pierce is pain. Depending on colors (ie B-G-G) you can use spark as your onslaught proccer as well. If no B-G-G, then a B-B-G with spark-pierce-some dmg link is great while using a frostbomb-onslaught somewhere else. Overall, the totem version worked extremely well and was comfy once the swap was made at 30.


Vendor Regex Used:
Act 1 until Level 23: b-g|g-b|b-b|b-.-b|g-.-g|nn|sceptre
Level 24 and Beyond (Four Links/Four Sockets): "sockets: .-.-.|([rgbw][ -.]){3}"

Some Questions and Answers:

Why sceptres over wands?
Because you can still do flat ele crafts on sceptres and you can use leap slam which is much faster than flame dash and you get an extra flat craft compared to shield charge. As a result, you want to do your crafts on any sceptre that has speed above 1.4aps. Typically, I will also look for either a decently linked sceptre 2L with 1 spare socket or a 3L. However because sceptres are relatively limited at vendor compared to wands, there are quite a few runs where I just transmute the default sceptres you get from twilight strand (pre-first zombie and hillock). Ultimately, you can make this work as you need a number of unlinked gems, so its not typically a problem.

Does tornado work with ancestral bond?
Yep, the spark from the totems will still allow tornado to deal reflected damage based on the spark projectiles that hit it allowing for some good juice.

Do I need to mule ranger?
Yes if you want to level with spark, otherwise you would need to do library or wait till lily as playing spark with pierce is way, way, way better than without. In brief, with pierce you have better clear and better single target potential due to sparks not being immediately absorded by the single target potentially allowing for multiple hits from one spark cast. While spark can multi hit without pierce, it does so way less reliably. Moreover, on muling, doing so gives you many benefits through extra scrolls, extra chance for good links/gears/MS, and green gem for topaz recipe all for about 1.5 minute to 2 minute investment. Also spark with pierce wrecks mudflats which is a huge upside.

How do I get exposure once I have ancestral bond?
Link your exposure source (I use wave of conviction) with blast chain or high impact mines allowing some additional damage and exposure.

Why lightning penetration over other supports for spark?
Lightning penetration once you get Lily in A6 should be something you aim to link to your spark setup as it provides a lot of benefits. Notably, it allows you to swap cleanly to sniper's mark, which is fantastic for spark, and it helps you deal with all the pesky high resistance archnem mods without cursing them with conductivity. Thus, I will try pretty damn hard to ensure that by the time I reach A6 Lily, I have a 4L with B-R-G-B ready to go for spark totem setup to be Spark-Spell Totem-Pierce-Lightning Pen.

Clarity and Vitality Why?
Clarity provides a lot of nice QoL pre 2nd ascendancy node as totem spamming can be quite expensive especially when combined with spamming leap slam. Vitality is deceptively strong with totems as of the changes in 3.16 reducing totem life, but mega juicing there DR. Thus, effectively, vitality is super strong at keeping your totems in really good health/alive given 80% totem DR and lower totem life pool. Vitality also allows you to through lifetap on leap slam for super QoL if desired.

How Do I Go Faster Without Onslaught?
So one downside of spark totems is the lack of easy access to onslaught. If you want to be a more extreme leapy boi, you can forgo taking Divine Judgment and Divine Wrath and instead take Spiritual Aid (attack speed pathing) and Spiritual Command for giga attack speed for leap slam without losing much damage wise. Please note if you go this pathing, you have to free up two passive points on tree from somewhere else to fit both spitirual command and aid (8pts vs 6pts for Divine Judgment/Wrath)

What if I want to take this build into maps?

Table of Contents:
0:00 - Act 1 and Ranger Mule
22:31 - Act 2
43:09 - Act 3 and Normal Lab
1:12:11 - Act 4
1:33:22 - Act 5
1:51:01 - Act 6
2:13:41 - Act 7 and Cruel Lab
2:36:45 - Act 8
2:58:38 - Act 9
3:17:07 - Act 10 and Merciless Lab

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Thank you so much for another great video Balaar! Learn so much as a totem player watching these

Author — Henrik Storbakk


This looks fun!

Is this endgame viable?
If yes, do you have a guide?

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Could you elaborate on how you apply conductivity? I don't see the skill on the panel. UPD: found it, sorry for bothering

Author — Assertiveness


Can this still be done like this in 3.22? (the routing?)

Author — Dennis


Bro. Is it gonna fit with ice spear totem just changing some gems and nodes to cold damage ? or better level it as holy flame ? Borpaspin

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Здравствуйте, regex vendor есть какой-то список этих регулярных выражений с пояснениями? Чтобы тоже быстро искать вещи как это делаете вы.

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