Moules Marinière - The Classic French Mussel Dish

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

This step by step video recipe will show you how to make authentic Moule marinieres the way it's done in France.
The Moules Mariniere recipe is easy to make, does not cost much and is absolutely delicious. Moreover, I think this is the one French seafood recipe anyone should know (provided you like seafood of course).

Now what are Moule marinieres? well, In a nutshell it's mussel cooked with a mix of butter, shallots, garlic, celery and white wine. it is a dish that can be served with either white wine or beer and if you want to do it the belgian way then just add French fries on the side.

The proportions used in this video are enough to serve two people (starters size)

Ingredients used:

1 kG of Fresh Mussels
1 clove of garlic
A bunch of flat Parsley (1 tablespoon finely sliced)
A small branch of celery (finely diced)
10 grams of unsalted Butter
200 milliliter of Dry white wine (example: sauvignon blanc)
1 bay leaf
A few twigs of thyme
Salt and pepper (to correct the seasoning of the sauce if needed)
1 tablespoon of double cream (optional)

For the full written recipe please click the link below:

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Oh, Stephane, I had this dish at a local French restaurant and I’m addicted. I can’t get enough of this. I told the lady that owns the restaurant that I’d like this sauce as a soup. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Author — Justme77


I love Moules Marinière. Over the years, I have found that using a pan with a wide bottom works better, because the mussels are in fewer layers and cook (open up) more evenly.

Author — Alan von Au*****


An absolute favourite of mine for many years and this recipe is faultless. As one other comment mentions, serve with a fresh crusty baguette or any good white crusty roll. You won't want to waste any of the scrumptious liquor!

Author — David Tilley


I can't thank you enough for this recipe. This was a perfection of the highest kind. Since we don't eat milk products, I used organic olive oil instead of butter and a bit of quality coconut milk instead of cream. This meal made my day (no, a week! ;)). Thank you!!

Author — Golden Light


Merci beaucoup ! Très facile à cusiner et vraiment délicieux. Je l'ai déjà fait pleusieurs fois, bravo !🤩

Author — 谢钦


One of my favorite dishes. I have erred on using too much butter in the past and now generally added more thyme, parsley and one clove of garlic. A better than 'Angrove' white helps too.

Author — T Ryan


Merci! I always cook this and never thought of adding celery. The celery adds a natural sweetness to it and balances the flavour with the wine. Yummy

Author — JG Frenchy


Tried this recipe today for a French themed Super Bowl party. They were a huge hit! Utterly perfect. Thank you!

Author — Artpunk


When I'm ready to serve the moules, I like to put an empty pan on the burner on full pelt. After I have placed the moules into the serving bowl I put the remaining broth into the other hot pan and let it reduce quickly which thickens it a little and really brings it together. Served with a beautiful crusty baguette and a ncie glass of wine.
I have to say, that must be my number one favourite summer lunch!

Author — Uncle Colin


Looks so delicious! I'd go a step further by reducing the broth, then adding the cream - to make a thicker sauce. To be eaten with some crusty French bread! Yum!
Or even reduce it further, cool, mix with a bit of mayo for a dip & serve as an appetizer?
I like watching your videos Stephan, because I always get great ideas from them! Thanks ☺️

Author — mizzpoetrics


I will make these for my daughter. Mussels are a bit nostalgic because when my daughter was around 1 & 1/2, she went through a period of almost a year where she would not eat meat (beef, chicke, pork) on their own. Like, she would eat tomato sauce with ground beef, or chili, and she would eat mild chicken curries.

Anyway, the protein sources she LOVED were (and are) mussels, shrimps and fish like salmon and trout. This recipe would be a really good and healthy treat for her. Thank you for bringing me down memory lane. ☺️

Author — Drew M


Amazing recipe! Thank you! Cooked for the second time!

Author — Yaroslav Yaros


I really like this dish. I think it's also the kind of recipe where you can impress your friends or your date, it looks fancy but is actually not hard to do.

Author — MsJavaWolf


Excellent! Just as good, if not better, than how we learned to cook Moules Mariniere at the former French Culinary Institute in Manhattan.

Author — John O'Brien


I cooked mussels with this recipe today. The best I’ve ever made. Thank you!

Author — Richie C


Looks very nice 👌 I like celery in the French dish. I like the Belgium Moules Frites as well have been my favorite food. Nice with a Witbier, Hoegarrden.

Author — Brewing 🍺


Generally i find it easier to manage the mussels using a large wok (but only if you have the lid to go with it)...
Can also peel and quarter a handful of cherry tomatoes (after short blanch in hot water) to add a bit of zing, ...bit away from the original but works well and some crusty sourdough bread to dip in the lovely juices...

Author — Jules F.


I made this tonight in France 20 mins ago (Carantec). Delicious!!! Thank you for the recipe.

Author — Montgomery Cross


Je vous remercie beacoup pour fair cette vidéo!!!! I will try this recipe next weekend. We were just talking tonight about how much we miss the south of France, and you brought it right into my living Thanks again! 😀😀

Author — Taji Huang


My wife and I went to Paris for our 20th anniversary this past August. We went to Chez Léon de Bruxelles on Champs Elysées .We loved the mussles. We had this style and the Provencal style. Could you also do one in the Provencal style?

Author — Pedro Arellano