Ian's First Ever Mixed Media Canvas (Part 1)

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

In the first part of a two part video Ian endeavours to try his hand at creating his first ever mixed media canvas using a deep edged 8"x8" canvas, some resin cast & MDF ephemera pieces and some water based colour sprays.
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💬 Comments

FYI, to protect fingers during hot glue gun usage, I’ve seen some people use silicone finger protectors. I’ve looked them up on Amazon, they’re not very expensive. (USA)… I don’t know if they’re available in the UK, but they should be.
I love the tag team of artists working together! Such a great collaboration ♥️♥️♥️

Author — Elisabeth Hathorn


The commentary has been as entertaining as the mixed media project. Well done Ian and well taught Mike.

Author — Jill Claydon


Lovely project so far Ian! I love to watch the two of you work together—you make such a great team. Looking forward to Part 2. So far I am not getting the impression that Ian’s in love with the process. Maybe once the final result emerges he will learn that it’s worth the hard work and pain. Hugs to all! 🥰

Author — Amanda Spence


This is a hoot, you two! Loved your creation thus far. Can't wait for Friday's Part 2. Woohoo! From Cheryl in AZ

Author — Rochester Management Services, LLC


I should have gone to sleep hours ago but there was no way I could have left this for tomorrow! I can't wait for part 2.
The ommentary was hilarious!
Thank you both guys!

Author — Eleni N.


You guys are so much fun!! Nice canvas, Ian. I’m looking forward to part two! I just confess, a giggle or two may have slipped out. Warm regards from 🇨🇦Calgary, Alberta🇨🇦

Author — joeyhoney1


Oh no! Got to wait until friday to see more from the greatest double act on you tube!!! Looking good Ian, (hope the finger heals asap!). Thank you both for what has turned out to be the best part of the day- Looking forward to part two. Love to you both.XXXX

Author — Julie Chapman


Well done Ian, it looks gorgeous. My mum was listening in and see kept giggling

Author — Heather Rowell


Love the two moths. Looking forward to part deux on Friday Gentlemen. Love Bentley playing with Mike and Teddy in the background.

Author — Christine Davies


A wonderful collaboration and I love the team work, although Ian, you make me hurt when you're hurting... OUCH! Hot glue has always made me nervous for that very reason. Very smart putting picture together first before gluing it down to help prevent injury and avoid mistakes too. Well done gentlemen... well done.

Author — K Andrews


Bless your heart Ian I would have said much worse getting burnt like that. The lay out came out awesome. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

Author — Brenda Goulette


Ian, you are doing great for your first time! sorry about the burnt finger, I second the comment on the silicone finger tip protectors from amazon. cheap and such a finger saver! I found some at the dollar tree here so maybe try your local pound shop 1st. looking forward to part two tomorrow! 💜to you guys!

Author — Darkly Sewn


Liking this canvas so far. Can't wait to see it completed on friday with the colors. Sorry bout the burned finger, been there done that. Hi to Bentley!

Author — Helen Cassele


Looks amazing Ian. And a big WOW for a 1st attempt. Hope your finger is ok. (Was laughing along with mike though). You are funny🤣🤫

Author — Sarah Walker


Hello you two lovely people, 😄😄 just LOVED this dual project, Mike the teacher and Ian the pupil. You have made my day, I'm doing the Happy Dance. 💃💃Your working together was such a lot of fun, HOPEFULLY, this is the first of many. Love you both individually, but together, you are awesome duo. Can't wait for the 2nd part of the adventure. (It already looks awesome🤩😍) See you in part two, thank you for sharing and making my heart smile. Blessings and hugs from Cape Town. Diana 😊😀🦊🦊

Author — Graham Fox


Brilliant entertainment! I shouted "Oh No!!" when I realised I'd have to wait till tomorrow for the rest of it.

Author — Cinnamon Spice


Mike your laugh is infectious. Ian is so dramatic. Needing to go to the hospital for touching hot glue. 😍I was laughing at the two of you so much I was oblivious to the art project.

Author — Cheshirecat1956


I like it! Looking forward to Friday’s grande finale!

Author — Georgann Smith


Hi only just got round to watching sorry guys. Well done Ian, you only managed to get yourself burnt a couple of times, I always manage to get at least 3 burns using my gun lol. I like your composition and the commentary was delightful to listen to, I do enjoy it when you both work together, your both so funny when talking. I am now ready to watch part 2 🤣 xx

Author — Joan Spragg


Loved the wonder in your voice Ian! Can’t wait until Friday! LOL it’s Friday here now! 🤭❤️❤️🇦🇺xxx

Author — Oz Jan