THE ARSENAL INVINCIBLES | Full Highlights Reel | 2003/2004 | [HD]

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In the 2003–04 season, Arsenal regained the Premier League without a single defeat. Over the 38 games played, their league record stood at 26 wins, 12 draws and 0 losses.
This is a reel of their goals scored, important saves made, and opposition goals.
Truly, The invincible were a legacy, and a unique one at that, with no other side accomplishing such a feat in English football to date.

I'm a medical student and my hobbies include video editing and film making. This video took over 6 months to make, tedious to find all the clips to be honest. I'm from India. I'm an Arsenal fan.
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0:00 - Introduction
0:53 - vs Everton (H)
1:21 - vs Middlesbrough (A)
1:54 - vs Aston Villa (H)
2:28 - vs Portsmouth (H)
3:01 - vs Manchester United (A)
4:23 - vs Newcastle (H)
5:26 - vs Liverpool (A)
6:02 - vs Chelsea (H)
6:50 - vs Charlton Athletic (A)
7:18 - vs Leeds United (A)
8:27 - vs Tottenham Hotspurs (H)
9:31 - vs Birmingham City (H)
10:08 - vs Fulham (H)
10:47 - vs Leicester City (A)
11:19 - vs Blackburn Rovers (H)
11:42 - vs Bolton Wanderers (A)
12:13 - vs Wolves (H)
12:56 - vs Everton (A)
13:23 - vs Middlesbrough (H)
14:38 - vs Aston Villa (A)
15:28 - vs Manchester City (H)
16:08 - vs Wolves (A)
16:53 - vs Southampton (H)
17:42 - vs Chelsea (A)
18:48 - vs Charlton Athletic (H)
19:21 - vs Blackburn Rovers (A)
19:57 - vs Bolton Wanderers (H)
20:28 - vs Manchester United (H)
21:31 - vs Portsmouth (A)
22:15 - vs Newcastle United (H)
22:39 - vs Leeds United (H)
23:47 - vs Birmingham City (H)
24:06 - vs Fulham (A)
24:17 - vs Leicester United (H)
24:54 - Outro
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💬 Comments

imagine being the last defender and you see henry, pires, ljungberg, bergkamp coming at you with a counter attack

Author — Vavvaal Manidhan


Notice how prolific everyone was - even when Henry wasn't scoring Pires was, Vierra was, Gilberto was... Edu was, Lljunberg was...Kanu was... like everyone could score. Look at the Midfield. See Bergkamp, see how confident he was. See his passes and see all tje rebound goals. Everyone was running together all the time. Even when they conceded, you knew they were gonna score. Lehman made inhuman saves. This was a strong team

Author — Ebenezar Wikina


I remember at the start of the 2002/03 Arsene Wenger said his team could go a season
People thought he was mental.
Then 2003/04 happened

Author — dazza944


As a Liverpool fan it was a privilege to lose to this team. French flair, Dutch class and endless talent. What a team!

Author — Kameel Sabri


Thierry Henry= Greatest premier league player of all time

Author — James C


This Arsenal team scored all types of goals. Tiki Taka, long range, headers, chips, flair goals, counters, volleys... It's amazing really.

Author — Shawn SQ Zhang


As a United fan, I dare say this season is as close as it gets to the treble of '99. To go 38 games without a single loss. Playing every single team twice and never once tasting defeat. To be unbeatable. Invincible. The undisputed best of England. What an achievement. Time truly does put things into perspective. Every single name in that Arsenal side is eched into history, forever.

Author — Neem Noa


As a Leeds fan, I am amazed Gilberto Silva doesn't get more recognition for his role in this team. Unbelievably good.

Author — Martyn Clarke


How in the world, Henry didn't won the ballon d'or that year ??
Thank's for sharing

Author — Aghilas MED


One day my beloved Arsenal will rise again i still remember i was 13 when this glorious moment came to Arsenal thank you Arsene Wenger thank you the invicibles



With all due respect (im an arsenal fan), what I noticed from this invincibles team compared to the current arsenal team is not just about the quality but rather the WINNING MENTALITY of the team. As you can see in most of the highlights in this video, the invincible didn't stop or get upset when they got dispossessed, they just keep going and eventually dispossessing the opponent back which in turn, leading to - most of the goals that can be seen in this highlights.

Author — Ruth LB


One of the things you notice about these matches is how fast The Arsenal were out of the blocks, scoring in the 5th, 8th, 4th minute, and so many of The Arsenal players could hurt you, they were not always looking to give it to Henry, if a chance arose they took it

Author — David Dundas


From a Spurs fan, I have to admit this was the best team in English football I've ever known.

Author — Russell Bishop


Me coming back to this after arsenal won the FA Cup in 2020!!

Author — Ostrin Dsouza


I look at this team that made me a gunner for life and i can't bare holding tears in my eyes, how my team is now in 10th position with 32 points after 22 matches make me somber.🙁

Author — Ipad 2018 Ipad


Thiery Henry, Pires and A.Cole down that left was ridiculous! Also Bergkamp’s magic through balls and Viera’s ability to control games. Lehman also made some massive saves this season! Great team, best to watch also! From a United fan!

Author — Ashcon Beats


My love for Arsenal started right there! 17 years have passed!

Author — Nguyen tuan anh


Awesome stuff good memories watching as a child these legends 🙌 kids today wouldn't understand how good it felt watching world class players together 👏

Author — Shawn Siva


Patrick Viera captain of the team, scored the last goal, seems like a fantastic story.

Author — A. Diaz


Henry was like a mamba speed, agile, powerful, elegant, charismatic and dangerous. Man miss those days. He is one of the greatest undoubtedly.

Author — Jayakaran Dhamodaran