What does a 'Stay at Home' order mean in Minnesota?

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What does a 'Stay at Home' order mean in Minnesota? 4.5

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has issued a Stay at Home order for the state from 3/27-4/10/2020 to slow the spread of coronavirus. What does that mean for you?

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In the five years I've lived in this house, I've never seen so many "dog walkers" on my street.

Author — Rude Goat


I see people still knee deep outside
Aldo all in stores clingy close up on people .

Author — Hazey Lavonne


Stay at home suggestion. Nothing like powerless people pretending they have power. Nice propaganda Joseph G would be proud

Author — Verihim The Red


While the politicians are still getting paid to sit at home in their mansions the rest of us that live paycheck to paycheck risk starving to death or worse!! Between 27, 000 and 70, 000 people die in the US every year from the "Common" Flu. Why is this "Novel" virus being given such a higher level of fear? The uninformed or the easily swayed people are believing that shutting down our country and arresting people for violating these "Unconstitutional" orders will be better. The lasting affects of this shut down are going to be felt for decades! Businesses will go under, small businesses for sure. Leaving the big corporate stores left in the wake to continue to get richer. Not to mention the people that will be at the ends of their ropes and thinking there isn't any other choice but to take their own lives, becoming homeless, unemployed and not able to find employment for extended periods of time because there just won't be as many businesses left to employ people. People ratting out their neighbors for having family over, domestic violence has risen more than 50% in some places. People are getting desperate. Desperate people make hasty decisions. We are the HUMAN RACE! Lets start acting like it .

Author — Joe Kincaid


If we’re under a stay at home order, they may want to tell the people of Minnesota that... not sure if they got the memo.. I see no. Difference in traffic.. I’d say 50-60% of business still operating, there’s more essential than non essential services if you think about it... really the on business not open are clothing stores.. but Walmart is still open so even there you can get whatever you need. Stay at home orders only work if you shut EVERYTHING down, but that will never happen.. so really what’s the point...

Author — Chris Cary


4 deaths from coronavirus and the state shuts down.... 34 deaths so far in 2020 from auto accidents, shouldn’t the state shutdown highways also. More people will dye from alcohol consumption than from a this virus

Author — American