What does a 'Stay at Home' order mean in Minnesota?

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What does a 'Stay at Home' order mean in Minnesota? 4.5

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has issued a Stay at Home order for the state from 3/27-4/10/2020 to slow the spread of coronavirus. What does that mean for you?

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In the five years I've lived in this house, I've never seen so many "dog walkers" on my street.

Author — Rude Goat


I see people still knee deep outside
Aldo all in stores clingy close up on people .

Author — Hazey Lavonne


If we’re under a stay at home order, they may want to tell the people of Minnesota that... not sure if they got the memo.. I see no. Difference in traffic.. I’d say 50-60% of business still operating, there’s more essential than non essential services if you think about it... really the on business not open are clothing stores.. but Walmart is still open so even there you can get whatever you need. Stay at home orders only work if you shut EVERYTHING down, but that will never happen.. so really what’s the point...

Author — Chris Cary


4 deaths from coronavirus and the state shuts down.... 34 deaths so far in 2020 from auto accidents, shouldn’t the state shutdown highways also. More people will dye from alcohol consumption than from a this virus

Author — American