Unboxing MAFIA Definitive Edition Press Kit [Ultra Rare]

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Unboxing rare Mafia Trilogy Definitive Edition Press Kit collector's box. Game original released in 2002 for PC, later ported to PS2 and Xbox. Thanks to 2K for sending this free package for unboxing!

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Imagine they just give you a straight up 1911 and a guide on how to join the mafia lmao

Author — Red noble 118


Damn, I really hope they release the collector cards of all the characters on their website or something, those are definitely the coolest part of the box.

Author — Captain Captain


I love this franchise, I want more and more games about Mafia world. The first time I played it was recently when Mafia III was made available at the PS Plus in 2018 I think, it was such a great experience, now I'm planning to buy the Definitive edition just to have the chance to play Mafia I and II

Author — Flávio Fonseca



Author — FlyingSquirrel


"Are you deaf? I said slow down"

TheRelaxingEnd *Slams on the breaks instead*

Author — Justin Y.


That is a beautiful press kit, the presentation and stuff that you get is just phenomenal

Author — Beckett's Gaming and Tech


Normal people: Excelent design of the box.
The relaxing end: Excelent bubble wrap.

Author — Second Account


What a premium package dude this is waaaay better than any other game unboxing

Author — jonastastisch


Never played the original seeing as I wasn’t alive yet but this game seems very good simply just for its early 20th century vibe

Author — frankie


Finished the game a couples hours ago, never played the original but this remake had me hooked and drawn in which games havent done for me in nearly 2 years.. this game is purely brilliant

Author — AbySs


When you didn’t think it could get better... they give a whole peripheral setup.

Author — Kendrone


i loved finding the cigarette cards throughout the game and wished you could get real copies of them, this is an amazing press kit😅

Author — Zodi XV


Im so excited for this game because I love games based on that time in history. Crazy to think my great grandma was only in her teens during the Prohibition years

Author — IMR Productions


Actually bought the digital copy last week. It had been about 15 years since I had played through the original. When I started playing it became apparent really quick why I liked the game so well when it was originally out.

Author — DrBIeed


This is really really cool ! Would have loved a collector for this superb remaster ! I loved the cards and glasses very much...

Author — Pablo


this huy is so lucky that he gets sent all this free expensive stuff.

Author — Just_Malcolm


2k: doesnt put golden 1911 in box

“Thomas had never seen such bullcrap before”

Author — Shoddy Peasant


Imagine if he opened up the Family part of the box and it was a signed picture of Vin Diesel.

Author — Pete 89


I have played Mafia 2 and 3 with all DLCs. Nice Press Kit. The first items on top of the box could be a nice collectors edition. I like these vintage drinking glasses. Have similar ones in RL. The mouse and keyboard, i prefer Corsair.

Author — Tobias Rieper


The game has so good chracters and the way things plays out played it after mafia 2 which made the ending much more impactful for me coz i loved vito too little did he knew whom he is killing but thats whats real world is about still a soli single player games

Author — संकेत