New York THEN and NOW

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New York THEN and NOW 5

A comparison between old and present day New York City.

The new photos were taken during April 12th 2014 - April 26th 2014.

New photos, editing and concept by: Cora Drimus

Tennessee-Hans Zimmer
Goodbye-Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

Old photos from:
New York Then and Now, E.B. Watson
New York Then and Now, M. Reiss, E. Joseph

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Someday folks... we'll be as distant a memory as these people

Author — Q8Sea


I was born there in 1946. This is so precious. What I cannot believe is how beautiful 5th
Avenue was - the homes! So many avenues had gorgeous buildings. If preserved, NY would rival Paris as the most beautiful city.

Author — Ann Schurman


i'm so glad the persons taking the pics on old times documented where and when it was taken.

Author — Joe Smith


I'm not American, but this almost made me cry...

Author — Timmy


Pictures like these really make you realize how SHORT life is. For some reason looking at this has made me sad.

Author — Kingdom of The Most High


It's nice to see buildings without the shameless advertising we have now

Author — moto mike


I wish there would be 1 day that we be in the old years.

Author — Milan Rasschaert


This video makes me long for simplicity...

Author — Tammy Ada Bamba


Am I the only one saddened by watching this? I feel that we have destroyed beauty over time and are losing what we came from. Such beautiful old photos. I feel that we have lost our selves with modernism and technology. Thank you for your time and beautiful video ❤️

Author — Benjamin Stallings


The old buildings were designed WAY more beautiful than today's buildings :(

Author — Reyna Mendoza


i'm not going to lie, my eyes were very "itchy" watching this. it's sort of sad watching those people, knowing almost all have died and wondering what their lives were like in those times. i think i'm going to turn off my computer right now...

Author — Mr. Blue


Date of the old pictures - 1890-1910
Date posted- 2014
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Author — Debbie Bezalel


There is something so romantic about NYC that my heart seems to melt when i see the pictures on the left

Author — JYKW2606


The old pics, the background music, that nostalgia feeling... I was just about to cry :/

Author — Nandi Collector


The best part was seeing the old buildings that still remain

Author — Tim Halstead


Wait. So you're telling me there was a time when you could actually see the sky in Manhattan?

Author — Timon Steup


Thank you for this video. That show us that we have to enjoy our life, because she is short for all of us and because the time will never stop. All peoples who are on these pictures are dead today and no one of them has thinked he will be viewed more than 100 years later on a thing who is called YouTube by a new world. Everybody who watched this video must remember of this during all his life, because that was the only way to see a world who no one of us has knew.

Thank you for reading this comment, my name is Alex and I'm from France.

Author — Speedy GonzAlex's


Just listening to this beautiful music and looking at the images just makes me think of how fast time really goes and about how most of us are wasting that time doing things that we don’t really want to do and living the way we don’t really want to live. It makes me want to just stand up and take all I ever wish for. No more putting up with things and no more settling. The person I was before I watched this video is now gone.

Author — Jewels


Breaks my heart that so many of those great old buildings are both gone and forgotten now.

Author — wrlord


200 years from now they will be comparing pictures from 2019 and 2219 and they gonna feel same way we feel about 1904 :)

Author — Rev _