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Journey Through India: Kolkata | CNBC International 5

Back in the eighteenth century, Kolkata was British India’s most important trading post and the showpiece of their colonial power. Today the city is regarded as the artistic and cultural capital of India. Join CNBC's Tom Chitty on a journey through the capital.


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Back in the 18th century, the city was British India's important looting post.

Author — GoSurya


lol..look at this comment section. People are ganging up against kolkata saying bangalore or Mumbai is better. People love a city for their own sets of reasons. In job sector Kolkata has been lagging behind for quite a long time but to be honest our whole country is poor and backwards so I don't care if your city has two more shopping malls. Typical backword Indian mentality. Still doesn't understand what a nation means and these same people talk about kolkata's immigration issue. Buzz off.

Author — Somenath Sen


I am from chandigarh i have to say kolkata is way more attractive than other modern cities these colonal era buildings are treasures 😍😍love from punjabi munda

Author — abhinav chaudhary


It was an extremely professional vlog in such a short time span. Calcutta is just more than a city itself. Someone said that "If you want a city with money, come to Mumbai; If you want a city with power, come to Delhi; but if you want a city with a soul, come to Calcutta."
Well done CNBC International! Love from the City of Joy <3

Author — Kunal Ghosh


As someone born and brought up in Kolkata, I believe this video shows a rather half hearted and skewed representation of the city, highlighting slums, hand pull rikshaws and a regressing colonial past. Whether that is to appeal to Western viewers stereotype of India or an honest mistake or shortage of time, I do not know. It isn't like Kolkata lacks modern bridges, large hotels, skylines, big shopping arcades, wide roads etc. It isn't like it isn't booming with Indian culture along with its Colonial past, which its Durga Puja is reminiscent of. They showed a dilapidated Kumartuli road but never showed the idol making areas in the same location. They didn't bother showing the modern, clean and well maintained parts of South Kolkata, Salt Lake or EM Bypass. They didn't show the more well maintained and posh ghats like Princep. Not to mention that each of the dishes the lady cooks has a Bengali name that they do no bother mentioning. They also do not represent the love of Bengalis for street food and their own beloved Mother Tongue. They do not show that while all of India is steeped in communal hatred, Kolkata is the only last bastion of communal harmony and peaceful coexistence, as evidenced by St Paul's Cathedral, Nakhoda Masjid, Thanthania Kalibari, Jewish Synagogues all being important cultural attractions. There literally is so much more to Kolkata as a city that this video conveniently ignores, hence trivialising the city as a whole.

Author — Shounak Kundu


My city kolkata😄😄😄😁😁
Any more people from Kolkata?

Author — Shourjo Roychaudhuri


I've been to Kolkata twice and there are places which i really liked and were clean too. I've noticed every Indian city has both old and developed area together. Don't know why media only shows India's old side..

Author — Dee 90


I can see people arguing and fighting in the comment section. To all of them, Kolkata is not a city it's an emotion.

Author — Gourab Vishal Singh


Others may be saying different... BUT I have lived in Kolkata for almost 4 years... and I #LOVE Kolkata. The cultural depth to that city is absolutely astounding.. and as a Rajasthani ... I think Kolkata is a sister city for Jaipur.

Author — S. R.


New town is one of the most beautiful place in Kolkata love Frm imphal

Author — Goday Khundongbam


come to my room buddy have some weed 😜

Author — That one guy


Respect guruji Tagore .... Respect where the mind is without fear and head is held heigh. Love from assam

Author — munmun hazarika


the lady slammed Colonialism right to his face 😝😝

Author — Sourav Baskey


She was such a good woman.Kinda represents Bengali people.

Author — Aviral Tuteja


you wasted like 6 min of your video.. i mean you could show those smokes from street and hand and cycle rickshaw for 6 more min.. such a poor guy.. all u cam show in a 10 min video is an anglicized women cooking and some british structures and yes some intentionally picked unorganized ghats.. i live in heart of the city still i cant see all the time what you deliberately tried to show... either cnbc made this video intentionally or you are such a poor and bad guy to be chosen for that.. for those who want to know about kolkata.. just do a random YouTube search and see any video about it you will get to know much more about our city which is so vibrant and colourful and probably will be shorter in duration too...

Author — Sachin Shaw


This is the city of joy....
I proud to be a bengali....

Author — Kush Kumar


Where is South Calcutta? Slums their kek.

Author — Suraj Sharma


Barking dogs of India are getting jealous after seeing the beautiful city.

Author — Alekhaya Datta


came kolkata at durga puja time then feel the real joy of kolkata

Author — Sandipan Rana


Loved the old lady...She is so charming and beautiful ...the lazy life perfect for the people who don't want the fast paced life...Perfect for me..

Author — Subrat Prasad Bisoyi