Oskr - Lie // REACTION // UMK 2021

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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel.
Welcome to another National Final Video, today we are looking at Finland and the potential tracks that could represent them in Rotterdam 2021
That's right... Today we are looking at the first track revealed for the UMK Oskr and his track 'Lie'

But what I really want to know is.... What do you guys think?
Let me knoooow, down belooooow!

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💬 Comments

I think it’s a solid entry I wouldn’t mind if it won and went to Eurovision

Author — Aidan


I was so surprised by this, really liked it! Lyrics are so touching

Author — d tb


I'm so thrilled u enjoyed this as much as I did, i was pleasantly surprised as i too do not normally enjoy the Finnish entry (or at least in recent years) anyways loved the video from Scotland❤👏

Author — Rachel Mcnaughton


I am not a really big fan of this at the moment, but I think that it has potensial to grow on me.

Author — Jakob with a K


I loved Finland 2020. 😂. I really like this one too.

Author — 50sRockChick


I really like this! I've been disappointed by Finland in the past few years, but I'd be very happy if they sent this. Its melodic and filled with emotion - definitely one to add to the playlist! Can't wait to see the other entries now!

Author — Nicola


The lyrics stabbed my heart and cut the wounds open... AMAZING! But Finland 2020 was incredible as well!!! 😇

Author — Epix Eurovision Guy


I really love this song it’s definitely better than last years song. Hopefully UMK has even better to give us 😍

Author — Samuel Bair


Oh so beautiful and also so touching the best of luck now oskr may you represent us in

Author — Pia Ylitalo


This track confirms, that not only Finland's entry will be better, than last year, but the whole ESC

Author — Eurovision Jaja Ding Dong


They teach british english in schools here 😂

Author — avatara82


if he will go to Rotterdam i think he will be high in my top although only one song for the ESC 2021 is known yet

Author — Philip Hrivnak


Okay so I cried. Just as yesterday when i heard it first time. His voice is heartbraking good. And he's from my town ☝☝🤭❤

Author — Krista Laine


Its kinda nice but Blind Channel is still my fav🤘🏻🤘🏻🇫🇮🇫🇮

Author — Maria Kanerva


To me, this song is like that one song you'd expect to be a hit if it was performed at a Broadway show or something. At first, I didn't have any expectations for Finland, but now, after watching the music video, I think they have a great chance of qualifying this year.

Author — HafizhWK


I don't know about anybody else, but if this was by a British artist and perhaps not for Eurovision, it'd probably go to number one and be a somewhat big hit. It's a shame in a way because this is a really decent, heartfelt track that most Brits (and indeed other people from other nations besides Finland) may miss, especially if it doesn't get chosen as this year's Finnish entry. It just shows that not all Eurovision-related music is 'cheese.' Having just these past few minutes listened to the Teflon Brothers track, in my personal opinion, Oskr's number is miles better.

Author — RAJC


I’m not a huge fan of this. It’s okay. His voice is nice, and the song is nice, but that’s not enough. 🙈

Author — Riqu