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🎵Walking in a Bergkamp wonderland!

Signed in 1995 from Serie A's Inter Milan, Dutch international Dennis Bergkamp would go on to win 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA Cups with the club over an eleven year spell.

Honoured with a statue outside Emirates Stadium, the iceman was and continues to be a fan favourite, with many heralding the Dutchman as one of the most technically gifted players to have ever worn the Arsenal shirt.

Now enjoy this in-depth documentary as Dennis discusses his football heroes, his move to the club, winning the Premier League, being an Invincible, Arsene Wenger and more.

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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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Peoples talk about De Bruyne, David Silva, Cantona, Scholes and so on... BUT Dennis Bergkamp was on another level . He is the greatest ever technically gifted player to ever play in the Premier League. ❤️🙏

Author — Wivas Poudel


“If Dennis Bergkamp played in the snow, he wouldn’t leave any footprints. That’s how good he was. He used to float." - John Hartson

Author — That One Guy


I am so grateful to have seen this genius in the flesh during a golden period in Arsenal's history. So many unforgettable moments, thank you Dennis.

Author — Pony Boy


People keep saying and will keep saying about great Bergkamp goals, that Newcastle magic, the Leicester show, the Argentina goal (probably greatest goal in history of world cups) - and rightfully so! But for me Dennis not only was a top notch striker, he was also an excellent playmaker. He was always assist-minded and his passing was precise and right in time. Our Unbeaten legend could've been ruined if not for Bergkamp's incredible passes in the last game vs Leicester. Go watch that game, you'll be enchanted by his assists. A sublime striker and a selfless attacking midfielder with a perfect ball sense, Bergkamp was way ahead of his time.

Author — Mustard-Obsessed


Thank you, Dennis, for making my father's retirement Divine. He'd had season tickets since just after the war. He grew up hearing his dad talk of the '30s team. The '71 Double had been his highlight and then he gave up his season tickets in the mid-80s after a Gooner got stabbed by a Sperzer at the NLD at he thought he didn't now want to take me and my brother to the games. But post-Hillsborough he got a North Bank bond and 2 more season tickets. He retired shortly afterwards.

And DB10 made my Dad {RIP} happy because he saw us play the football his dad always talked about with Drake, Bastin, James etc.

We went from Boring, Boring Arsenal to the sexiest footie this country has ever seen.

And it was all down to Dennis. Yes, we had TA6 and the back 5. We had Overmars, Bobby and Freddie. The incomparable PV4. And he had IWWW and Titi up front with him.

But no Dennis, no sexy Wengerball. Fact.

Thank you, Dennis, for making my beloved dad, John Newman, happy in his final years.

Author — Zena Merton


4 me he's the truly GOAT alongside Henry

Author — saiful saad


I’m sure every proper Gooners get goosebumps while watching this video.❤️❤️❤️
Dennis was CLASS❤️🙏

Author — Wivas Poudel


Absolute legend! Got to watch him in he later years but man he was amazing. He's one of the people that changed the future of Arsenal and one of the reason why the club became as big as it is today. Thank you Dennis!

Author — Martin Mindov


Thank you, Iceman. DB10 the most classiest and gifted striker we ever had. His attitude his approach and level of excellence are why we had our golden period. Love the dutch way of thinking that's how football should be played

Author — Ryder


Greatest arsenal player without a doubt. What doesn’t get talked about was he knew how to play in a team and was very unselfish. His touch I’m sure is the cure for the corona!!!!

Author — Joe Exotic


How honored we are that you played for us.

Author — Kwesi Darko


Bergkamp is God to me
When I used to go to Highbury including Dennis Bergkamp day shown during this video the atmosphere was amazing the fans were knowledgeable and loyal. The players were loyal and wore the shirt like it mattered to them.
I followed Arsenal to Ashburton Grove but along with God the atmosphere, loyalty, class and pride all left.

Author — PD 12


For me Thierry Henry is the greatest Arsenal player I have ever seen in my life but Dennis Bergkamp is right up there. This man was an absolute genius of a footballer and made it look so easy. He scored some unbelievable goals and more so than that goal against Newcastle which I am sure we have replayed a million times. He was something unique and I think it's time people start appreciating him cos I feel a lot of people do not appreciate his unique talent. What a player he was. Simply a legend.

Author — Omar Yahya


I was really shocked when Bergkamp signed for Arsenal. He brought style and made Arsenal so enjoyable to watch. Thanks Dennis, you are the one man I would like to meet.

Author — baht man


He loved us and we loved him! Most graceful arsenal player I've ever seen in my lifetime..pure quality..I would love to see him back in a coaching role one day

Author — Stuart Klimowicz


After had watched this, if I'm a player in the squad right now, I would be so proud of the club I'm representing. Well done to the makers of this document. This is the Arsenal I knew. Love you as always Dennis. You are the best.

Author — Piti Wattantorn


Dennis is just so special. Will NEVER be forgotten and we can never thank him enough. He’s one of my idols.
But look at the players from 85 to 06- a who’s who of superstars.
And look at poor Arsenal now. We are a shadow of the club we were. Makes me so sad.

Author — PutThatCoffeeDown


hes one of the players who made me fall in love with football, upmost respect for this legend

Author — dunkno


What a master footballer he was. A joy to watch. Pure genius.

Author — Neil C


I grow up during this era. My childhood filled with beautiful football by Arsenal. The only reason to love Arsenal so much until today.

Author — MAKEKO