GTX 950: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

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In this video we are going to take a look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running on the MSI GeForce GTX 950. The games is running at 1080p, High settings, adjusted with hairworks turned off and foliage visibility range set to low. Framerate is in the top left corner of the video, enjoy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running on the MSI GTX 950!

Full System Specs-
G.Skill Ripjawz 8GB
Asus P8Z77
Corsair TX 750
Cooler Master HAF 912

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💬 Comments

Wow the gtx 950 is really impressive, better than what I expected and nice vid man :)

Author — Yugi


Well. If you activate the 30 FPS lock on The Witcher 3, I imagine this must be pretty damn smooth in general for that frame rate.
I mean, seeing the frame rates here already, I'd expect it to be pretty damn stable in general for such a price.
Still doubting between the GTX 960 and 950 and the R9 270X, but this seems to look pretty decent so far.

Author — Alice Grimaude


Niice cant wait to see more from this card Mush, keep it up

Author — Retrogamergamez


If you have a really well cooled case you could over clock and get even better performance as nvidia cards usually over clock pretty well

Author — Durnehviir


Foliage visibility on low destroys all the immersion imo, I would rather decrease other settings than foliage but that's the beauty of PC, you choose how to play

Author — ThatGamer


I know this might seem unreal but with the gtx 660 ti (3gb superclocked) and everything on ultra except the foliage distance which is set on high and hairworks off i get a solid 40 fps average... my setup is : i7 3820 OC 4.4ghz, 8gb ddr3 1866mhz cl9 ram, samsung 850 pro 256 gb ssd, 2.5tb hdd WD 7200rpm, motherboard intel dx79to, power source 650W and for video card I mentioned above.

Author — Pinky3262462


you have put foliage visibility range to LOW and it is the more important setting for quality and performance. I have 30fps+ on a hd 7750 1GB with this on LOW. but only 15fps with this on HIGH.

Author — Jaime


I run it on full ultra with the MSI GTX 950 Gaming only Vsync off on 50-60 FPS

Author — UnknownMF


I've just bought this card and i'm waiting to see how it performs!!

Author — ABC


So, whats the better deal here, the 2gb gtx 950 or 2gb r7 370, I have the 4gb r7 370 and I'm getting between 35-40fps at the same high preset as the 950, so I have no doubt that the 370 2gb for $139 could offer the same performance, for cheaper than the 950 id honestly go the 370 with 4gb vram as it comes in handy ive used about 3gb of it in a lot of games...I just don't get the 950 lol

Author — TechMaster2133


Why don't you never show the tempereatures and other things in these videos? :(

PLEASE when you make the comparsion video from the GTX 950 and the R7 370, record the temperatures, gpu usage, vram usage.

Author — staLker1202hu


Will a i3 4th gen be a good pair with the 950 to run this game?

Author — Rupak Rana


is there a difference between the Msi OC and G versions of graphics cards?

Author — Alexander Muus


I have this GPU and FX-4100... I can play on High-veryhigh (hairworks obviously off) at 40-60 fps, grass density is set to Medium (tho there is only small fps loose when on High) shadows 5 fps boost when set to medium.
only in Novigrad I had lowest 30 Fps. I'm playing at 1920x1080 resolution.

Tho my GPU is MSI 950 OC.

Author — sarai24a


I have a gtx 950, an i5 4460 and 8 gb ram.. And I always have around 40-45 fps on high settings and even on lowest settings. the framerate doesn't change a bit from high to low settings.. is that normal?



was i the only one who was expecting the 950 to replace the 750ti in it not needing a 6-pin and having very low power consumption? I was expecting this card to come out as the 950 ti

Author — CTCornCob


Will you do a build with this card under 600$?

Author — Lilheartship


I think lowering the Shadow quality, low people background and medium texture will give you a solid 60 fps.

Author — JeyLast


This will be my next card for single player games

Author — YTA


this card should sell really well in countries other than USA and UK where GPUs are more expensive. I don't think it will sell well in US cuz the gtx 960 is only a bit expensive and u can get a game free.I'm waiting for the 4gb variant though and also for r9/7 370x 4gb

Author — awesome420ication