107 Ghost Recon Wildlands FACTS You Should KNOW! | The Leaderboard

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107 Ghost Recon Wildlands FACTS You Should KNOW! | The Leaderboard 5

Join The leaderboard as we dive into the gameplay tips & tricks, easter eggs, and fascinating trivia of the latest Tom Clancy game in 107 Ghost Recon: Wildlands Facts YOU Should Know!

This open world 3rd person tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft is the 16th game in the highly praised series. However, with Wildlands the developers returned to their roots by setting the story in modern-day Boliva versus the more futuristic feel of previous games. Justin from The Leaderboard highlights the new open world dynamics, the game’s development journey, and clever easter eggs you may have missed. So grab your sniper rifle and let’s topple some dictators!

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What’s your favorite Tom Clancy game? If you’ve played Wildlands were you glad Ubisoft set the story in the modern era or is the futuristic setting better? And don’t forget to tell us which game you want us to cover next!!

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💬 Comments on the video

Say what you want but for me this game is a masterpiece

Author — Frank Vucak


When you realise this game is set in this year

Author — FrickityFrockity.mp4


Awesome game. Don't listen to the haters! This is a Ubisoft masterpiece

Author — Jet 82


**spots 20 tangos**
Nomad: *sPoTtEd a sMaLl gRoUp oF tAnGoS*

Author — 23frames


It is a Ubisoft MASTERPIECE. The most underrated game of them all...

Author — Dr_Cachetes


You also forgot the Predator in the jungle that is super hard to kill.

Author — Joshua Sainsbury


the Yeti has been found. along a river in Inca Comina has a rock with blood and bloody handprints. you interact with the rock then hear a roar, then are attacked by "El Yeti" which is a sniper that can one shot you at every difficulty. killing him then inspecting the body unlocks a white ghillie suit

Author — twitch5000


Definitely one of the best games I have ever played.
Currently my favorite out of any new games released.

Author — TACWolf


Now that I watched this whole video I want to purchase Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Author — LilRatCriminal


I wonder if there will ever be a Tom Clancy game that will have the division agents, team rainbow, and team ghost all working together

Author — Seth Ward


I love this game. I'd really like it they did a middle eastern one in this style, but normal military. Go out on patrols, disarm ieds and things as side missions. Bit of a cliché and not everyone's cup of tea, but id like it. Especially if you could call on apache gunships and a10 warthogs for air support and things

Author — Percy the Park Keeper


Ubisoft employee at the prison:
"Can we speak to the inmates?"
Guard: "Why, do you wish to see someone?"
Ubisoft employee: "Nah do doing research for a video game."

Author — The White Wolf


This game is brilliant, never gets boring, amazing.

Author — R J


This is what happens when you don't make a game in a year and release it This game is amazing

Author — SiFuse


Ubisoft wanted to make this game special. And they actually did it

Author — Wot me?


Damn, this video made me realize how much work went into the game. And it looks really fun too. Definetly going to buy this now.

Author — Spicy Puffin


When flying a plane in WildLands, it takes 8 real life minutes to fly from 1 corner of the map to the other corner...

Author — Ryan Walker


#73 It literally says in the description that the Cartel has kidnapped everyone in the village.
#75 You can also grab a lieutenant and bring him to a different province before interrogating him and he will give you intel on that province instead.

Author — DroneLord


I like how they basically got just cause but actually made it realistic and i like how u actually have to stratigise the missions

Author — Wyatt Graff


this is the best looking open world game ad 1440p is just amazing

Author — EJ Tech and DIY