Noam Chomsky - Necessary Illusions (Full Massey Lecture, High Audio Quality)

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Noam Chomsky - Necessary Illusions (Full Massey Lecture, High Audio Quality) 5

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In case people are wondering: this is a radio broadcast of the 1988 Massey Lectures for the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation). Every year since 1961, The Massey Lectures has invited a noted scholar or writer to give a series of 5 lectures on an important topic of contemporary concern over the course of a week.

Author — Joe Smith


Chomsky speaks at:
1:30:02 (Q&A)
2:16:08 (Q&A)
3:02:24 (Q&A)
3:45:00 (Q&A) (followed by concluding remarks)

Author — The Anarchist Cooking Show


Remains Stimulating and thought provoking

Author — Eric Kalnins


The Sandinistas have won the elections in Nicaragua since 2006. You never seem to hear about it on the evening news.

Author — Barney Gumble


How stupid do Peter Worthington and David Frum sound here with history proving Chomsky right.

Author — Mark Moretti


Chomsky is always so clear in his language.

Author — Baboon A


Noam may say a word or two here and there I have never heard before.
Listening to what he is saying with intent, can be well understood by most people.
Swallowing it is difficult for some.

My introduction to Noam was refreshing giving reassurance to my thoughts.
The closes to Noam in alternative media I think I've ever heard could only be "Democracy Now" on public tv and radio for non-biased news.

Author — Carlo Vincetti


The "owner class" is a result of sequentially skimmed and sequestered prosperity via the fiat monetary system of credit and interest and away from those known as the "working class" who are the ones who actually create 'value' within a society. One can be guaranteed that it wasn't a handful of wealthy individuals which built the freeways, cars, refrigerators, light bulbs, computers, and homes. And they definitely don't plow the fields and grow the food which feed the whole of society. The 'value' is always created by the working class and thus, it is truly the laborer who is the rightful "owner" within society and is rightfully deserving of the prosperity for his works and the fruits of his labor.

When a society is successfully convinced that "It does not own itself" but for the existence of the few within the "owner class" via their political and media sycophants which decide who is deserving of meritorious prosperity, then that is when Noam Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" becomes less informative and more prophetic.

Author — Merle Patterson


1:32:05 So there are three kinds of bloodbaths:
[1] benign bloodbaths
(the ones nobody cares about)
[2] constructive bloodbaths
(the ones we like)
[3] nefarious bloodbaths
(the ones our enemies do)

Author — Ernst Raedecker


1:35:14 his response to this question is so good. YouTube has helped get good work out to the masses even more so than back when this was said.

Author — Tertiary Adjunct


thanks, anarres! Let us not lose this history.

Author — Carol Price


Basically you and I agree on one point, all the time. There has to be less poverty in this country. It is unAmerican to have an under class of humon beings who can barely make it through the day without breaking their backs and disintegrating the/a family structure based in live and polite discourse.

Author — Name: hear-say


I thought this is an audiobook of Necessary Illusions.

Author — Bookworm A


Never fails, these lectures put me out each x every time 😴👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👧‍👦

Author — s m b x


The popularity of chompsky is due to the fact that people don't trust media and chompsky through historical facts explains the truth which exonerates our distrust.

Author — matthew o


Good God, the professor is so eloquent and articulate I have to run dictionary searches every 3 minutes~~ There's very little redundancy in his words, he says just enough to get the point across. So amazing~

Author — Mister Q


How are Canadian journalists distinguished?

Author — The Kaiser


essential listening, especially for us new generations who are addicted to media

Author — murphy


Let's remember that's easy for Chomsky to APPEAR as if he knows what he is talking about, when he has the great luxury of 20/20 Hindsight-After the Fact!
So let's see Noam actually step up and getting involved in Policy-Making going FORWARD, himself!
INSTEAD of merely criticizing everyone ELSE from the sidelines-After the Fact-like he has been doing his ENTIRE career! smh

Author — M CK


He is a very good writer. I have always disagreed with his root premise on Foreign Policy but he is a pleasure to read. Portions of the U.S. Govt. and Private Sector have made serious and grave mistakes but it has never been as comprehensive as Noam or other Doves argue

Author — James Krefft