How To Level ALL Skills FASTER - Money Making Methods And More - Kingdom Come Deliverance

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How To Level ALL Skills FASTER - Money Making Methods And More - Kingdom Come Deliverance 5

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Jump up and down? Getting Oblivion flashbacks here...

Author — Chrisfragger1


I'm role playing as an alcoholic Archer who lives in The Cabin in the Woods... I poach game and sell it only using bow and arrow.. I murdered the people to the cabin dump their bodies in a ditch I got alcohol bottles all over the place wine beer everything

Author — skillywilly187


Hello Upper, if you jump several obstacles with your horse you can leveling horsemanship insanely fast!!

Author — Matias Cer


Herbalism also has a Secret Perk. If you gather 100 Nettle you will gain the Resistance Perk which gives you Plus 2 Vitality. The Perks description says Poisonous plants or Nettle so it might work picking other plants besides it as well.

Author — OminousSoul


ok, here's a goldmine of weapon level ups, break into the monastery after 11pm & be back out by 4am,  go through the 1st floor door through the building on the right as you walk through the archway leading to the church under construction.
The prior in the 2nd room you go through will be alone & asleep, knock him out while he's in bed & start attacking him over & over, he's immortal so cant be killed & if you knock him out in bed there'll be not witnesses or fines for doing so, nobody is near by so no one will hear & you'll get 10 levels in strength, agility, vitality, warfare & whatever weapon you use in just 1 night.

Author — Fuzzy Duo


I found that one of the best ways to level up warfare, (weapon of your choice), defense, stealth, horsemanship, and maintenance in the SAME ACTIVITY. All that you need to do is begin clearing out the bandit camps Around rat today for Bernard. You will be able to get into fights, you can alternatively sneak up to the camp and spook the horses or poison them, collect any gear worth selling and collect the bandit ears as trophies. Doing this enough will unlock the same activity in Sasau where you will be paid 625 gold per each bandit year that you could bring him. So save all of your bandit ears for von Burg And I ended up with 13, 000 gold at the end of about two hours of playing. You’ll be taking a lot of damage so bring or more kits and blacksmith kits to repair your items which will increase that skill. Looting the corpses in the final stages of this activity will give you plate armors and weapons that can be sold for over 1.5k each. I kept several myself. And in between all of this you need to be on your horse moving from target to target so your horsemanship will increase as well.

Author — Bradley Morgan


As others have mentioned hunting is by far the fastest and easiest money making method. In the woods to the west/northwest about 3/5 th of the way between Rattay and Vranik/Sasau is a boar hunting spot. There are two boar there. With decent bow and arrows you can one shot them and the amount of meat will overload your horse and possibly you depending how good a horse and saddle you have. Take this back to miller and cook it on the fire in the house. Then sell it at either the taverns or the meat merchant or grocer or regular merchants or miller in Rattay. 2 boars worth of cooked meat sell for over 3k. Just sell it all to one merchant to clean them out up rep and get them to have a larger cash pool when next you do it. because its so close and gives so much money and is easy i think its faster then other methods ive seen that involve risky stuff like robbing sword shops. Also the more you cook a type of meat the higher quality cooked goods you get from it and the more money it makes.

Once a merchant replenishes there cash after a couple days you can make 3k+ in less then a few minutes doing this without any repercussions or risk or dealing in stolen goods since cooked meat doesn't count as stolen.

Author — Arthillis


You can lock pick miller paychecks training box in rattay mill (not sure of his name) over and over. Pick lock - open chest - look away listen for door to close - repeat. Levels your sneak as well.

Author — Jon Winter


How come there arent any videos on maxxxing all your weapon skills/StrVitAgi in the starting zone by smacking the unkillable Kunesh?

Author — Zach White


- pro tip - For fast alchemy, first get the trial and error perk then just add aqua +1 nettle + 2 marigold thats it potion is ready in 15-20 sec, fastest potion in game

Author — derold2x


This man deserves each and every one of our likes. He could have easily made each of these segments into a separate video and reaped the benefits from each one, like many other YouTubers would have "cough" ESO-Fallout Guides... Thank you sir, we appreciate you. Keep up the great videos 👍👍

Author — JOliver8798


Thanks for the great video. Been looking how to train agility.

At the miller in Rattay you can practise lockpicking on a chest there. Pick the lock, walk/look away and it re-locks

Author — Valkorum


picking nettles and other poisonous herbs will give u a permanent boost in vitality of +2

Author — Nate Krowe


Not a huge deal but you may want to add an annotation that lets people know if you sleep with a wench you can no longer get the achievement for completing the game as a virgin on that save file.

Author — Robbie K


There is a tower in western Rattay behind a church. Inside it, there is Very Hard chest, which always locks itself after opening... There is minimum lockpicking skill needed (i think 13 - 15) to open it... It's the way to make it to 20.

Author — MrZazobanec


Protip : if you untarget and look down at people's shoes when fighting and swing as you move into range they never seem to block. I cut down 4 plated dudes in 1-2 swings each once I got St. Michael's Sword from the Rattay swordsmith. It is definitely a cheese method I try to only use if I'm about to lose but when you're just farming bandits just chop em up.

Author — Brandon Pumphrey


"ha jk i wonder if i'm going to get demonetised for that though, ha rip" LOOL i just found you but you're amazing. GJ love your vids

Author — Alex Tsang


Best way for Pickpocketing is, to take all stuff from the sleeping people near by the Lodgings (Taverns). There you rent a bed and save bevore you take there stuff

Author — Bauer Fischer


Also I’m not sure if this was changed from some update (I’m on Xbox one) but you can progress your lock pick much easier if you practiced lock picking with the Miller in Rattay (your home). He has a dialogue where you can “train” (not pay and raise skill) you into lock picking a chest over and over. There’s many videos about it that I suggest you look into it and prob put an annotation on top of the video or something. Anyway just letting you know, Btw keep up the videos 👍🏼

Author — Ay Jaime is here


You might want to point out that, to see the 'charisma' on a piece of gear, to press "Q". Some noobs might not know this ;D

Author — traderpax