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Song: 'One'
Album: Navarasam
Band: Thaikkudam Bridge
Audio available on Mathrubhumi Music

Video director/DOP/Editor: Littil Swayamp
Associate directors: Nikhil Anilkumar, John Peter, Mathews Varghese Tharakan

Song mixed by Rajan KS
Mastered by Amith Bal
Produced by Thaikkudam Bridge
Vocals: Siddharth Menon
Lyrics: Dhanya Suresh
Guitars: Mithun Raju, Ashok Nelson
Bass: Vian Fernandes
Keyboards: Ruthin Thej
Drums: Anish TN
Violin: Govind Menon
Backing vocals: Anish Krishnan, Vipin Lal, Christin Jose, Govind Menon


ഏഴാണീ ആഴി എഴാണീ നാട് എന്നാലും ഒന്നല്ലേ ജീവൻ മണ്ണിൽ
മേലാളൻ കീഴെ കേഴുന്നെ ഏഴക്കൂട്ടം
ഇന്നാളും എന്തേ മണ്ണിൽ ?

അരവയർ പെടപെടക്കണ്
തുറ ഒഴിയണ് കുലം മുടിയണ്
കലി കരക്കടലും വാഴണ്

കയ്യിൽ തീ എരിയണ്
കണ്ണിൽ നീരെരിയണ്
എന്തേ നാം പൊരിയണ്

ഒന്നേ നാം അറിയണ്
ഒന്നായ് നാം വളരണ്
പിന്പേ അവർ തൊലയണ്

അതിരിൽ മഞ്ഞുരുകണ്
മരുവിൽ കുളിരാകണ്
ചതികൾ മറന്നീടണ്

കാവൽ നാം ഏൽക്കണ്
കൊടികൾ അടി തെന്നണ്
പാരിൽ ചീ വളരണ്

അടിയാനായ് അടിയാൻമാരാവാതേ നീ
പൊരുതീടാൻ ചേകോന്മാരാവാതെ

ഏതും വേണ്ടാ വേറെ നാകം
ഒന്നാകിൽ സ്വർഗ്ഗം മണ്ണിലേതും
വേണം മണ്ണിന് ചൂരേറുമീണം
ചുണ്ടിൽ മൂളും നൽക്കൂട്ടം

നേരിൽ വന്നേ നേരും കൊണ്ടേ
നേരിൻ നേരം കാണും നേരില്ലാ നാട്
ഒന്നായ് നമ്മൾ കൊട്ടും താളം
ഉണ്മ തീണ്ടും ഇടനെഞ്ചിൻ നാദം"

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Kerala is not just about Kathakali or white beautiful girls you have seen on screens or coconut trees...Kerala is not here to be stereotyped. Kerala is not about the lies paid nationalist channels tell you about...Kerala is a feeling... A feeling of unity, a feeling of accepting diversity and the goodness of heart which comes within. That's what this video is all about - Proud Malayalee....

Author — Abhiram koroth


This can become the official Kerala Tourism video, don't you think? :P
Kerala is portrayed in such a beautiful way :)
Love this song! <3

Author — Saicharan S


I am not an Indian and I don't speak any of the Indian languages, but I felt the Love. All is one.

Author — T


Malayali's way of script writing, cinematography and its very own language and the nature else do u need for a heaven built on earth??? Love from Thamizhan

Author — MrAbz92


We are united
Together we can make changes 💪🏻
Proud to be a keralite
Malayali da
2020 viewer 👆🏻

Author — Dhanesh NK


Here after watching Enjoy Enjamee, saddened that this beautiful song and choreography did not receive the attention and views it deserves. It set a unique standard for cinematography and song delivery! Love this song.

Author — TubeDirektor


This part of India is the only place you can see John, Abdul and Krishna as best friends. Here human beings and relations are above all the communal hate. And that makes me one among other malayalis the happiest...proudest..

Author — OSCAR AS


I love kerala ...the food, the music, the people and everything
Love from karnataka❤

Author — Shilpa Kr


I dont know malayalam, and Im teary eyed.
A malayalam song made a bengali teary eyed. Thats the power of music and the diverse culture of our country❤
Kudos to Kerala, the pride of India

Author — Debojyoti Bhattacharya


To those who are concerned, Bengali here. Have watched/listened to this probably a hundred times. My friends listen to Thaikkudam. My parents listen to Thaikkudam. And we're all in love. :)

Author — The Epic City


What images
Born in Hyderabad, Telangana
Brought up in Coimbatore, TN
Live in 4 different cities every month on business but I believe Kerala is my Spiritual Home
Would like to buy a small cottage and settle down preferably near Guruvayur.

Author — Vijayakrishna Acharyabhatta


I am jealous of malayalees. They get to enjoy awesome music, cinematography, movies, cuisine, culture, festivals, tourism, trekkings, water houses, and so many other things without moving out of their state.

Author — Dr. Songhita Misra


Bengali here. Don't know why but this feels like home.Beautiful culture. Lots of similarities. Love to all Malayali folks out there.

Author — Bagha Zukhov


God's own country Kerala! This video is not just a montage of visuals, it is a feeling. Derived from the memory of one who is and one who was. A feeling of everlasting love.

Author — Surbhi Kak


Great that you started by showing our tribals, the orginal owners of our land and deserving much more appreciation from us

Author — Gewargis b


I am from north, don't understand most of the songs but still I just love Navarasam, the way they portray true Indian colors, beautiful people of my country, the emotions. It's all just mind boggling. Love you guys.

Author — gupta5882


No wonder the India's best cinematographer Santosh Sivan is from Kerala. Kudos to the Cinematographer and yeah, the song too. TB always slays. Love from TN. ❤

Author — Subash Priyatharsan Vlogs


I am not a Malayalee.. but everytime I see this video I feel positive about life. 😊

Author — Sourin Ghosh


I am a half Malayali but completely proud of Kerala!

Author — The Brown Nomad


Always love for Kerala I would love to stay for two three months or might be year I love everything all about Kerala My dream place to stay

Author — Sagar Kodape