Kobe Bryant helicopter accident flight path re-creation

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Kobe Bryant helicopter accident flight path re-creation 5

I took the flight radar data from Flight Radar 24 and entered it into Google Earth Studio in order to get a better idea of the flight path in the hopes it could provide a little more insight into what possibly happened. This is by no means factual. I am simply a private pilot looking to make sense of this tragedy.

Note: at 5:31 I mention passing over the 405 freeway. This is actually Topanga Canyon Blvd.

RIP to Kobe and the other 8 victims.

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Many people are asking about the loss of altitude at the end of the video. First, it's important to remember that this is based on preliminary data. Second, NOBODY knows why at this point. That is certainly one of the main things the NTSB investigation will explore.

Author — Wolficorn


I wish someone said:
“hey let’s just cancel everything it’s too dangerous” 😔

Author — Many Schmeling


Wow the helicopter language is like a whole other language lol

Author — Laday Blues


Day 5 after Kobe: so sad. I can't shake off the feeling of loss.

Author — Osmund Cooke


RIP Kobe, Gigi, John, Alyssa, Keri, Christina, Sarah, Payton and Ara. 😭💔 Mamba out 2️⃣4️⃣/8️⃣ 🐍

Author — Sara B


Final conclusion: Pilot was over confident and he underestimated the weather fog conditions.

Author — Goddess Hylia


I live in orange county and the fog was so bad that day in the hills I had to pull over..I couldn't even fathom operating a helicopter

Author — Michael Parker


Just like the recreated flight footage shows, it’s 99% sunny in this area all year. Sadly this was the 1% of the time that the weather was terrible. 😔😔

Author — Anthony Montoya


I feel like he shouldn't have flown knowing the weather conditions was not good

Author — Christina H_Virgo


After circling the LA Zoo for 15 minutes, wished they would’ve landed at the zoo, and waited to take off again

Author — Kenny Graddick


The Pilot sounds aggravated when they make him hold

Author — Stephenj Barker


I wish Kobe and the pilot had set down at Van Nuys Airport and called a limo to complete the journey.

Author — encinobalboa


Pilot should’ve called Kobe ahead of time and told him hey it’s not safe to fly today Kobe with all the fog and low visibility. I’m so sorry and I apologize. I’ll make it up to you on another day. Let’s just drive up. The tournament can easily be delayed and start when everyone arrives safe in the SUV. 💔

Author — Max


*I had a pilot's license, well, still do but my BFR and MC is long overdue so essentially it's expired. One time I was doing a flight like this in low fog, and was a test flight so I was restricted from flying above 1500 feet. It was also in a mountainous area. At one point I basically radioed in saying "yeah fuck that this fog is absurd I'm climbing 500 feet" in professional fashion. They weren't too happy with me about this, disappointed and ATC was kinda pissed because I just went ahead and did it, but to this day I would do it again every time. I flew high above the clouds until near the end of the flight. basically saying "i'd rather fail the test than die."*

Author — Razgriz Straitz


RIP Kobe Bryant and his daughter and people’s inside helicopter😭

Author — Ester Tan


He was 2 minutes away from actually landing...

Author — RetroDubs


A lot of people saying, "I can't believe they flew in the fog" (which is a fair question).Yet how many of these same people text & drive?

Author — Stevie B


Someone always has to die in order for things to improve. I bet helicopter protocol is gonna step up a notch after this incident. I guess even the most experienced professionals make small mistakes that can lead to big impact.

Author — asian dude


Idk the whole thing seems suspect to me. R.I.P Kobe, Gigi, n everyone else who died in the crash

Author — Nino Brown


The fog was extremely bad through the night and every morning in the San Gabriel Valley since the Friday night. The fog lingered further into morning every day, Sunday being the worst. They should not have been flying that morning.

Author — SlackerHai