A Day with Wee-Man | '62 Chevy Impala

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A Day with Wee-Man | '62 Chevy Impala 5

We spend the day with Wee-Man and is 1962 Chevy Impala down in long beach hoping to hear a good story, shred a local skatepark and grub up on some quality Mexican food. Jason "Wee-Man" Acuña has integrated this Lowrider Impala into his daily routine with the help of e-level. The custom Air Management install leaves Wee-Man plenty of room to haul around his skateboards and the functionality of the system lets him traverse steep driveways around the city.

Listen to his story and let us know how e-level would help you on your daily drive. And as always, Subscribe and stay tuned!

Taylor Chase

Taylor Chase

Wolfmother - Woman
Dr. Dre - The Next Episode
CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings
War - Low Rider (Lookas Trap Remix)
El Jarabe Tapatio - The Mexican Hat Dance
Twin Musicom - Down With That

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Wee mans smile will create world peace and end racism

Author — jesse younog


What a guy, just a regular guy, so california. good dude.

Author — Thebrad0US


Firme dude right here. Invested money into a 62 impala which is a collectors item. And into a food business smart man.

Author — La Raza


0:09 - Woman, by Wofmother
0:35 - Next Episode, by Dr. Dre
1:42 - 96 Quite bitter beings, by CKY
2:11 - Low Rider, by War (version in the video is Delind Remix)

Author — Evol Punk


This guy just oozes such wholesome good characterness that its contagious. He's always so welcoming without saying anything.

Author — Hi Guys Im SCHMEEE


listening to cky in the background and watching wee man skateboard gave me nostalgia of my childhood, miss Tony hawk games jackass and the early 2000s wrestling specially the punk/attitude era, this generation sucks lol

Author — cactus jack


This why I love YouTube you can go from watching dragon ball z to hangin out with wee man in 10 seconds

Author — jerry del rio


actually Wee Man rides skateboard better than Bam XD

Author — Zdzisław Dyrman


I wanna see him on Hot Ones :) he was always my favorite member of the Jack-Ass crew.

Author — bloodsling


Born and raised in Cali and being the right age to have been a teen during the Jackass early X-Games era

I gotta love Wee Man rolling in a Lowrider Impala, skating, while wearing a Black Sabbath shirt

The music is just the tasteful cherry on top 👌🏻

Author — Benjamin Butcher


When I grow up I wanna be like Wee-Man!

Author — Martin Gorm Hansen


I'm a huge fan of this dude, this guy has a million dollar smile!!! His smile makes you want to smile, awesome car man!!

Author — Mel Freeman


Love his positive attitude!!

He belongs on Lowrider Roll Models

Author — 53Peterbilt


The real Reason why he got the Air Suspension is to get into the Car without Hillclimbing everytime 😂

Author — Bezo Balo


If this thing isn't carbeurated then I wanna know what v8 still makes that old v8 sound cuz it's sweet

Author — Thepawn17cp


He's so awesome! Like when I see these "life of wee man" vids it just makes me smile. He has the best laugh and take on life. Always smiling, and so full of energy!

Author — Loocidd


60's impala's in amazing condition are like holy grails for any car
collector . 👌🔥♦️🖤

Author — Eduardo Madrigal


My civic sounds like that and it’s misfiring

Author — Famus 801


That music switch to CKY was soo smooth

Author — Finnish Ski Bum


All I can say is I wish this man was my friend he made me feel good about my self I was born I'n 1962 all ways want a 62 chev I said I was going to get cragers well million dollar smile I think u are boss bless you brother may be one day I get to meet u shake your hand u are the best Herman Lewis Jr u made me feel good about my self bless you

Author — herman lewis