(NEW) World Record Elephant Toothpaste w/ David Dobrik

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In this experiment we used 625L 35% of hydrogen peroxide, which is 3X our last attempt, 245 more liters than Mark and Science Bob’s attempt and 15 times more than Science Bob’s 2018 attempt !!

How we conducted our testing with yeast, potassium iodide, and sodium iodide:
1:3 yeast (saf instant)/ warm water
1L 35% hydrogen peroxide
2 teaspoons soap
140 ml KI (at molar max)
140 ml NaI (at molar max)

For our last attempt we calculated we produced roughly 67.5 cubic meters of foam. We got this through multiplying out previous results and crossed checked this number with a pyramidal volume of 8x8x3 meters (the rough shape of our foam blob).

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Production Team:
Writer/Producer: Nick Uhas
DP: Sam Mosco
Crew: Kaleb Seaton, Griffin Louis
Best Girl: Opal Roo (the dog)

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The way that his friend said joking "this is gonna be the new look for 2020", and it was actually real... I-

Author — Aldrin Delgado


I feel bad for the neighbors who had some foam just fly in their yard.

Author — Retro Ryan


“This is the new look of 2020” well that ages well

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The best thing is you make experiment like this and the worse is cleaning up time 😂

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"Honey, the neighbors are doing something weird again."

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Imagine doing this then you can’t run fast enough and get stuck

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Imagine just chilling then a chunk of blue foam the size of a car lands in your garden 😂

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“This is probably the cleanest experiment we’ve ever done”
PubChem: *Potassium Iodide: Environmental Hazard, this chemical should not enter soul and water*

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*puts on full-body protective suit* "This is the look for 2020"
very prophetic.

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When the coronga ends, we will see Manual do Mundo and Nick Uhas making something "giant" ;)

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Your throne has been fun while it lasted but Mark Rober has reclaimed that throne.

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"mommy can i eat the candy floss i have found in out yard?"

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"This is the new look for 2020." They had no idea how correct they were.

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This is a new look for 2020, that aged well

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Them talking about stuff: and that means its 42% of cotten candy and 82% of coffee and tea mixed with food dye

Me : acting like I know what they are saying and try's to take notes lol

Author — Hana Green


The cleaner is one of the richest people in the world now.



I found this after watching both of mark robers vids where in one he sets the record and in another he beats your record and takes his crown back lol

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I first saw this today I thought they are going to jail they made clouds 😂😂

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These gender reveals are getting outta hand 😳😳

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Neighbors over there like 👁👄👁 they at it again earl!

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