Coronavirus Pandemic Update 91: Remdesivir Pricing & Disparities in Drug Availability

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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 91: Remdesivir Pricing & Disparities in Drug Availability 5



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Roger Seheult, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.
Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine



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Author — MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY


Sounds like the Chinese may be using the Army for their “phase 3” study.

Author — Davo


To save Remdesivir treatments for others, please give me or anyone I know Hydroxy/Zinc, vit c, d drip. I'm willing to sacrifice for others

Author — Tim Mulrine


Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden recently presented a study showing that 30 percent of all blood donors in Stockholm have COVID-19 specific T-cells. They also found that many asymptomatic family members of COVID patients showed T-cell immunity. A much higher figure than the antibody tests indicates. It seems as if twice as many people have developed T-cell immunity compared with those with detectable antibodies.
Quite interesting, but it also raises the question about the usefulness of antibody testing. T-cell tests are a lot more complicated to perform, but would provide a more realistic and useful overall view. Since antibodies, as previously mentioned here, also seems to vanish quite soon, while T-cells provide a long lasting protection, maybe it's time to consider changing testing method or at least massively ramp up the T-cell tests.

Author — Steff2929again


This channel is wondeful keep up the good work.

Author — Chrisperience


On behalf of the world, thanks for all your hard work...

Author — Kevin Morgan


I noted from a news item (30 June 2020) that Dr Fauci's Gillead Remdesevir is to cost $US2, 345 per treatment initially (intro offer?), and then rise to $3, 150 for insurance hospital cases. Gillead did a publicity release. This compares with Dr Zalenko (NY) citing successful treatment of 650 covid patients with HCQ/zinc/azithromyacin for $20 each, back in April I believe. Follow the money trail to find the culprits working against HCQ/zinc treatment and world health.

Author — Alan Page


This test just as good as online covid-19 test. They should also make test for chances to win 1 billion in lottery.

Author — Vladimir Olegovich


NIH panel stopped the clinical trial of Remdesivir and changed the end point from a mortality evaluation, to a how fast Covid-19 patients recover. This clinical trial was on the way to prove that Remdesivir was not going to show that any or a very small mortality advantage over the control arm which did not take Remdesivir. A big China study of Remdesivir showed virtually no advantage in mortality. Many NIH scientists realized that this was fraudulent manipulation of the end point, and changes were made so know one would know how little advantage Remdesivir really offered; several prominent scientists sent messages to the NIH panel stating it was highly irresponsible for them to stop the mortality evaluation because now we will not know if Remdesivir saves lives, which was the objective of the clinical. By stopping the clinical trial, NIH changed the deck of cards in a multi million dollar poker hand where Gilead, the manufacture of Remdesivir, was going to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, so by giving Remdesivir to all patients in the clinical trial from that day forward, that allowed Remdesivir to win by default after a NIH panel with 6 of 15 on the panel employees of Gilead voted to stop the use of hydroxychlorquine to treat Covid, which many studies show if HCQ + Azithromycin Zinc Sulfate, if given within 2 to 6 days of the Covid-19 victims first symptoms offers a 95 to 98 % successful. Google Dr Anthony Cardillo, Dr Vladmir Zelenko w, Dr Robin Armstrong ( he treated 37 nursing home residents who recovered after a week) and Dr Ban Truong who was successful in 69 out of 72 patients, 18 from one Russian Church in Battleground, Washington. Also google Dr Harvey Risch, Yale epidemiologist, who on May 27 wrote a block block buster paper that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, that shows what that early treatment of Covid outpatients with HCQ + Azithromycin + Zinc Sulfate of hi-risk persons (elderly, diabetic, overweight, minorities), is the way to end the Pandemic. Treatment within 4 days or 5 days of first symptoms (dry cough, fever, chills, headache, malaise) will prevent most outpatients from getting sick; early treatment works because the viral load it at its peak at 5 to 6 days after first symptoms.

Author — Robert Wall


Any information on “long haulers” people who have had symptoms and fatigue for months?

Author — P North


Imagine being 100 years old on covid parameters at 22. 🥴

Author — mooning tappy


Gosh, Dr. Seheult, I’m in love with your voice🥰. So soothing, so clear and so relaxing. Love to watch your videos for that reason 😊 You are my favorite. Why some people sound so good and others (like me) don’t? 😀

Author — Kriss Sto


Starting 6/30-7/1/20, WHO to resume Hydroxychloroquine trials *AGAIN*. Remember, that the HCQ "gun" must be used with ZINC "bullets" to work.

Science is now mostly politics. HCQ research was started, stopped, was cancelled, declared harmful, described as "poison" by the media, and now trials are being restarted again? A dose of HCQ (plus zine) is around $1 or so but the Remdesivir price has been set at $550-$600 per dose. Hmmmm....
MSNBC reports benefits!!!

Author — GP Racer


Thank you for a reasoned discussion on medication pricing and availability.

Author — C _


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting non biased or politicized information. You are the single source of consumable data for me: The nervous family man, and layman. Your videos have helped me better understand the world around us in these trying times. If the COVID press briefings were just MedCram episodes verbatim, we would all be much better off. You're a national hero, Dr.

Author — RadioActivity


Completely agree with discern. This site is outstanding

Author — John Waugh


So the Chinese military is the Phase 3 test population of the vaccine? No need to look for volunteers; killing two birds with one stone?

Author — Phil Ernst


Wow an expensive drug that barely does anything . How fitting for big pharma.

Author — Eric T


I want to know how many persons per country take HCQ and how many also add zinc? Of these, how many exhibit symptoms of CoV-2?

Author — Jacquelynn Booth


Is it true that there will never be a clinical trial to support this? Because you'd have to give a group a Vitamine D supplement and then give them the SARS-CoV-2 infection which would be unethical. Does this also mean that the scientific community will never attribute Vitamine D with this effect or is there another way that there can be evidence of Vitamin D lowering mortality in COVID-19?

Author — Limitless FPS