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The cursed tale of TVR automotive--one of the most unlucky automotive companies of our time. And yet, they've managed to hold on, and create some of the most unique looking british sports cars of the era. From wacky names like the Jomar, the Grandtura, and the Griffith, to their wacky looking Tuscan, or Trident, TVR has managed to set a precedent for creating unique looking, light-weight, fast sports cars--that no other brand could quite replicate. With TVR's luck, who would want to?

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I used to drive the TVR's all the time when i used to play gran turismo

Author — VETTE


"There's no airbags either. TVR has always just said: Well...don't crash then." - Jeremy Clarkson

Author — He


"We will present the new tvr at geneva 2020 motorshow". Corona virus inbound, geneva 2020 cancelled.

Author — S4cell S4cell


14:10 'A naturally aspirated inline 6'...
*uses a clip of a LS-swapped Sagaris*

Author — AdamC3046


"The number one symptom of hair loss is losing hair"

_the more you know_

Author — FinalGoji


At least the 2019 TVR Griffith made it into forza

Author — Joecool Ace


"It's always the TVR." 

Ouch, burn . . . literally.

Author — dezzlok


Mom: "He said 'Mommy' first"
Dad: "No, he said 'Daddy' first"

His real first words: "MO POWA BABEH!!"

Author — Arsalek


"Did you know TVR stands for Total Vehicle Reliability" - Jeremy Clarkson

Author — Thomas May


"If you want to recreate the TVR experience, put the engine from a Type 42 Destroyer in your washing machine." - Jeremy Clarkson

Author — SF44


"Wow, a TVR band! So they'll play, presumably, really loud, really fast & then burst into flames. BOOM! For no reason." - Richard Hammond

Author — Justin L


It's a shame, they're really nice looking cars!

Author — Red Beard The Gamer


Step one: name a car the Vixen
Step two:hire an actress to pose naked with it at an auto show
Step three: ???
Step four: success

Author — Kitarya Kysubae


When James was talking about the naked ladies and said, “the answer is”, and a pampers commercial came out of nowhere! 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Treez Fb


It feels weird for James to talk about a company my dad designed for

Author — Gxmgin


Holy shit.
I've got a whole new respect for TVR.
Thanks to you guys, TVR is not just weight saving company but a performance monster ;)

Author — killercivic2001


I remember seeing the Tuscan in the movie “Swordfish” and it had that sick chameleon type paint. Look it up

Author — sk8punk318


I thought about buying a TVR back in the 80's. The dealer pulled it out of the garage & it burst into flames. I'm guessing they used Lucas electrics. LOL

Author — Vampirebear13


"it's always the TVR"
Doesn't get more distinctly British than that.

Author — Yazan Sakran


I can't belive this isn't a comedy show. Laughed way to hard at this video. Especialy to the naked model part.

Author — Alija Salihovic