Harrison Ford Breaks Down His Career, from 'Star Wars' to 'Indiana Jones' | Vanity Fair

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Harrison Ford Breaks Down His Career, from 'Star Wars' to 'Indiana Jones' | Vanity Fair 5

Harrison Ford walks us through his legendary career, discussing his roles in ‘Dead Heat on a Merry-Go Round,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ ‘Indiana Jones,’ ’Blade Runner,’ ‘Witness,’ ‘The Mosquito Coast,’ ‘Frantic,’ ‘Working Girl,’ ‘The Devil’s Own,’ ‘Patriot Games,’ ‘The Fugitive,’ ‘What Lies Beneath,’ ‘Morning Glory,’ ‘The Call of the Wild' and more.

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Harrison Ford Breaks Down His Career, from 'Star Wars' to 'Indiana Jones' | Vanity Fair

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Harrison Ford being unimpressed about his career for 20 minutes.

Author — Samantha Vehrs


Moral of the story: “I was offered the role and I accepted.”

Author — Breezy Mink


No matter what Harrison talks about, we're obviously wasting his time.

Author — DV8SMR


When Harrison dies and God says he can go to Heaven he’ll probably just grunt and say: “sounds fun, I guess”

Author — Gary The Stormtrooper


Harrison Ford is so tired of talking about Indiana Jones and Star Wars. 😂

Author — Brandon Basnight


Most people who were in star wars: I WAS IN STAR WARS

Harrison: Yeah... I was in star wars... I had fun...

Author — Renzoish


Harrison's answers on his movies:

1. They showed me the scripted
2. I read the script
3. I was interested

Author — Balrok99


Did you get emotional when u put on the Han Solo jacket again?

Harrison: "No, I got paid"

Author — CPSlayer 8889


I get the feeling that many people on here mistake Harrison Ford's understatedness for disdain. He isn't at all bored or not enthused. It's just not in his personality to be animated all the time. He's a very measured guy who thinks through his responses.

Author — Aaron Giles


He's a guy who just wanted to act. He hates all the other crap that comes with being famous.

Author — David Lynch


*"It's not about the party. It's about what you're celebrating.

Harrison Ford -- 2020

Author — kaiserped


so Harrison Ford would have never been Han Solo if it wasn’t for him making his wife flip the coin 3 times... let that sink in

Author — Mattie E.


I can tell he likes Indiana Jones more than Han Solo

Author — SpetZemas


Vanity Fair doesn’t know its history. Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die in Return of the Jedi, but George Lucas said no.

Author — DB 007


Only Harrison Ford can be bored with being a legend

Author — CommentPoster10


“i was surprised i was nominated for the... uhhhh.. *shrugs* an oscar” beautiful

Author — ThatKidWhoEatsCrayons


His entire career: "Sounds fun. Sure." Grunt.

Author — Aaron


Basically his entire career is: "I read the script, I was interested, they offered me the role, I accepted, we made the deal."

Author — Franco Bucchianico


Harrison Ford gives a masterclass into how to make a successful 40 year acting career sound boring and underwhelming.

Author — The Original One Minute Sketch Artist


He sounds like a very down to earth, calm and polite man who has no interest in hyping up everything he says or "acting out for the camera". He's just being him.

Author — Robin A. C.