WE ASKED 100 ... | MOST VIEWED & FUNNIEST ANSWERS ON Family Feud USA With Steve Harvey

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WE ASKED 100 ... | MOST VIEWED & FUNNIEST ANSWERS ON Family Feud USA With Steve Harvey 5

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Both the guys just went
"I'm not risking my life"
"Nope same here"

Author — Tyler Trezak


Lol it’s funny how they didn’t want to answer about dwarf and their wife lol

Author — Jamaican Canadian


As a sports fan, I've been watching family fued to get me through the time without no sports, and its hilarious.

Author — Sports Fanatic


8:58, man that's cruel. I've seen contestants take 3x longer and not get buzzed! They really are quite inconsistent with the buzzer.
EDIT: 13:34 Linda got her justice, woohoo!

Author — Aditya Sharma


9:19 I am the wife of one fine peice of chocolate with a whole lot of muscles 10:36 well Steve, they call me the water man!! 12:06 *silent business voice*

Author — Kristan Dominguez


When it gets to the African American families there going to be the funniest 😂

Author — Oliver Huaracha


8:28 - you're not going to show us what the #2 answer was? >_>

Author — Rin Jackson


The best thing on television since ain't no sports

Author — Dj Akademicks got caught lacking


aren't get mad, lose my mind. the same thing?

Author — Karan Patil


Name something you don't want to have unless it's Big.
A C.... Car 😂😂💪💪

Author — BAAS T


Love you Mr. Harvey you are so funny and you make my day❤🤣❤

Author — Mary Shoemaker


6:16 they should have put on the song I like big butts

Author — scar preadtor


.... cut off the money? My man. Most women mak their own money

Author — Jim Hamberg


Piece of chocolate with muscles. Does that make me white chocolate

Author — MattyTdog


it’s funny how when the white people came he rushed them but when the black people went
he gave them time to wait and think

Author — John Harreld