Thank You Tom Brady - Forever A Patriot

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Thank You Tom Brady - Forever A Patriot 5

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i hope he wins one more ring to make it 7. we will never see anyone like him again

Author — Joe Clayton


Crazy that 20 years has passed already. Thanks for everything Tom

Author — TM6


I’m gonna miss him more than anything in New England. I can’t wait to see him kick ass for the rest of his career though, no matter what uniform he has on.

Author — Brandon Small


We had him for 20 years..Once in a lifetime player....Hope Tampa get to the SuperBowl

Author — Mickey Gilmore


Tom Brady is the greatest ever!!! Greatest 20 year run in sports history and he’s not done yet. #TB12 #GOAT

Author — Beast


Still a pats fan but jeez ill be rooting for him vs anyone else

Author — Legit


Mad respect, I watched this entire thing.

Author — ChrisImaginesYT


I have always loved the Patriots. I loved them with Steve Grogan at QB. I loved them when Tony Eason and Steve Grogan lost to the Bears in the the SuperBowl. I loved them when they were 1-15 with Hugh Millen at QB. I loved them when they lost to Greenbay in the SuperBowl with Bledsoe at QB. I Loved the Tom Brady era!!!! I Will love what ever comes next. GO PATRIOTS!!!! 😁
OH! BTW...My new favorite NFC team is the 😂

Author — Rich Letram


Damn I'm going to miss TB12. What a privilege it was to say he was ours. Forever grateful to this man.

Author — Rob Roberts


This is the most well made Tom Brady highlight video that God ever made.

Author — Tricky Ricky


Falcons made the greatest mistake possible in modern football: they let their guard down on Tom Brady and the Patriots

Author — Teppei Fukuto


I’m crying 😭. This is just so nostalgic I remember taking him for granted and now he’s gone. I hope we all remember him as a patriot. From now on and forever, on and off the field. He poured his heart into this game and I just don’t know what to say. We love you Tom good luck with at Tampa. Stay safe and remember the good times in Foxborough. Once a patriot always a patriot.

And to Spencer: great work on the video. Keep it up!

Author — Charlie Todd


Thank you Brady you will be missed but never forgotten

Author — Joshua Bozek


I told myself a few years ago that it could all end any moment. Even with preparing myself it's hard to admit it's at a end. Thank you so much for giving me joy and inspiration for 2 decades. Always be a fan of yours TB12. Forever the greatest football player of all time.

Author — Shawn Sanders


Who else watched all of this?

Also, this was the best video

Author — Devon Roldan


We’ll miss you Brady, but we also wish you well.
You’ll always be our Patriot and GOAT, ALWAYS! GO PATS!
#AlwaysAPatriot #GOAT

Author — Elf of Courage


Not a patriots fan, but I absolutely admire this mans play. When he does decide to retire it will be a sad day for the NFL.

Author — Reel Guy


I almost teared up watching all the memories, I’ve been a Patriots fan my whole life and I remember watching every single thing they showed here. What a hell of a player!

Author — How Fast


He is the Greatest Of All Time and he shows everyone no matter what anyone says to you about genetics or natural ability or anything else, if you want it bad enough and you work hard enough, no one can take it, whatever it is, away from you. Thanks Tom Brady

Author — Adrian White


I am not a Patriots fan but how can you not respect TOM BRADY?

He is unquestionably the GOAT!

Go kick ass in Tampa!