Gutfeld on Trump's upcoming Oval Office speech

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Gutfeld on Trump's upcoming Oval Office speech 4.5
President Trump to address border crisis during nationally televised speech from the Oval Office; reaction and analysis from 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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I BET IF TRUMP asked for $50bln for the wall, and IN EXCHANGE promissed Not to run in 2020, They will Build that wall in six months, with Beautiful gold plated TRUMP sign on it..

Автор — SB SB


Amazing how every time Juan opens his mouth something stupid comes out.There’s something seriously wrong with the liberal

Автор — Ragnar Lothbrok


We the people and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God...We stand behind our president 100%.. USMC Veteran IN OREGON🇺🇸✝️🇮🇱⚔️

Автор — Trublu tsunami


The whole reason they are trying to stop Trump, while obviously agreeing that something needs to be done, is because they want to hurt Trump. They want to stop him politically, and every another way possible. They want to be able to tell the American people in 2020 that Trump was unable to fulfill his campaign promise even though politicians never fulfill theirs.

Автор — Danial Black


Donald Trump against the DARK New World Order!-That's what it's all about!
For the first time in many years, a heroic president like Donald Trump, trying to END those dark forces of the New World Order.
Those dark forces have enslaved and plundered humanity for many years, now it's the Donald Trump that must erase them.
One of them, the most evil dirtiest pig are Soros and Ambassador Jess Baily in Macedonia.

Автор — jagviljagvil1


if our government will not defend the America people, just maybe we need to defend ourselves.

Автор — mindfull frog


JUAN @ 6:20 about two children that died at the border “OH PLEASE”

Автор — Trucker Tru the Tru Trucker


Trump could pass gas and the dems would say he needs to be impeached because he's contributing to climate change. They're leaving straw all over the house.

Автор — Nicholas Kosmides


Did Juan just say “oh please” when he was told that 2 children died? Wow!!

Автор — Obaro Edafe


I like how Greg summarized the situation. Democrats put party win before their first duty(Constitution of the U.S.) as elected officials to protect the safety of American people.

Автор — Classical music 74


It is going to be funny watching the Democrats freak out, even when they are smashed out on

Автор — Rick T


Juan's hair looks ready for its monthly application of bootblack.

Автор — monkeygraborange


"Is this 911?" NO JUAN it is worse.... more than 2000 ppl die from drug overdoses and child trafficking and that does not include the MS13 raping and pillaging while all along WE pay for many of their lifestyles and watch them send all of their own money to Mexico. 911 was horrid, but it was an isolated event and this is not! Build the wall MAGA usususus

Автор — Charlene Perry


How come so many foaming at the mouth Trump haters watch fox news?

Автор — RS 7


Juan Williams peddle the same idiotic statements the left insists on.

Автор — jgarno100


Well Juan, your Democrat friends equate everything to Pearl Harbor, or 9/11.
Maybe you should make that point to them?

Автор — ramtuber57


BREAKING Play Doe is flying off store shelves and Starbucks and Whole Foods reports screaming coming from their MORE TO COME

Автор — Patriot One


POLLS LIE JUST LIKE MSM & CNN. What ever happened to REAL NEWS REPORTERS telling people the whole story and letting everyone make up their own mind, in how it effects them, personally??? What is going on today is these MORON's reporting on THEIR OPINIONS VS REAL NEWS. Pres. Trump is trying to get CONGRESS TO DO THE JOB THEY WAS ELECTED TO DO. MAKE LAWS THAT BENEFIT LEGAL CITIZENS & OUR HOMELESS PEOPLE, FIRST, BEFORE ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES.

Автор — George Stone


as a courtesy I think they should put the time in the description of when Juan the idiot speaks so we know what to avoid.

Автор — Mike M


Did Juan really just dismiss American Citizens who were murdered each and every month as "oh Please" and dismissed it . Imagine if it was his family member who was murdered, would Juan still prioritize illegals over Americans. Juan = Traitor and Anti Constitutional protection violator propaganda peddler.

Lets hope Karma picks his family next for a illegal alien murdering his family member see if he still would be "oh Please" dismissive. I think not.

TRAITOR JUAN - Your FIRED and a "threat to the republic" PERIOD!!

Автор — Patriotic Warrior