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police station attacked - Chakravyuh 4.5

A war begins between the Naxalites and the police as they attack on the police station & Abhay Deol saves his friend Arjun Rampal who is d SP from being shot by Manoj Bajpai.

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One recoil Unlimited bullet lol... RIP logic

Author — Abhijith G B


Ithe pain chod ne gardari kar diti picho sigoli mar diti

Author — Gurveer Toor


SLR gun se rapid fire nahi hota
Kuch to logic rakho yaar

Author — Sahid Mondal


Lol SLR is firing in full auto mode.

Author — Rahul Raj1999


Slr auto mood me kb se Fire karne lagi sabbakbas

Author — Harish Verma


Violance se koi samadya hal nahi ho sakti

Author — Ahsan pathan


Rand ki pila beiman goli se udado saleko

Author — Raj Kumar


Abay chuteyo Ya SLR gun 3 round burts only not fully automatic...30 round magazine Capacity ..

Author — Prashant Kumar


abhey deol good acting.nice.super.high, middle,low u frdship then set.i think can be the future rock actor.

Author — irfan syed


Are the police the bad guys in this movie?

Author — Jake B.


Full movie ka koi link bhej sakta hai yaha

Author — Kalim Yusufpuri


Zulm k khilaf Jo bhi fight kre ga wo mera Hero he chahe Kashmiri ho Balochi ho ya phir Naxal.

Author — S S


I wondering who who provied Weapons, Guns, and Time Bombs, who gave them Training like Commados, some big power behind of this, India Government need to find out this, other wise India Government can't stop Naxaliies, one die and other born, they will never finish, Government should think about, how much they harmed lives of Civil Peoples and Police too.

Author — Deepak Dogra


Atleast lebel it properly ! Where is police station under attack write police convoy under attack

Author — Arc Ydv


But ladayi se kuchh nahi hoga. Un sabko samjake desh ki mukhya dhara me lana jaruri he. Naxalites are our own citizens.

Author — Placement- Samarth Group of Colleges


Extremist in india is a big threat to us

Author — ashwani kumar


Kabse SLR full auto fire karne lagi. Kai par to DP marking v hai

Author — Om Prakash Singh


When people did not get justice then that happened

Author — Jaspal Singh


Indian movies are hilarious, the guys are continously firing rifles like toys, not a little bit of recoil and i think they have unlimited ammo cheat too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Hasnain Azeem


terrorism se bhi bdi gandgi hai desh me naxali

Author — Ashish Chauhan