Silent Types | Valentine's Special | Ft. Ridhima Bedi, Kanwal Singh | By Takesh Singh

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Alex is a happy go lucky, 31 year old. On his parents behest he goes to meet his best friend Shikha who is trying to coax him into marriage, which is something Alex is against. What happens next forms the backdrop of Silent Types, a story of how destiny can change our best laid plans in a moment for the better.

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I knew he was mute! My aunt is mute too, and often these people seem to have a tender, gentle smile. This short film was very beautiful. And I really appreciate the actors' work. Eagerly waiting for Part 2!! :D

Author — anirie


What a great performance by Mr. Kanwal 👏
It was really touching especially when you are performing as a dumb character. Many more to come !! Keep it up !! God Bless You
Each and every single character has done the justice to their respective characters 😃
Nice to watch such kind of films 😃
I hope we got to see the next part as well !!
God Bless You All 😇🙏✨



That was really really beautiful. I can't believe the lead actor wrote the story and screenplay too. Very well done. Can't wait for the second part.

Author — RafiSG


After such a long time I came across such a beautiful love story that is so simple yet extraordinary!! Way to go, the writer has nailed it!! The actors are relatable and natural!! The male protagonist naturally speaks through his eyes 😇

Author — Shruthi K


Loved the short film. From the story to dialogues to the voice over and back ground score, everything looked perfect. It all came across with smoothly. Absolutely loved the work.

Author — Gunika Saini


Such a good mini film! Main actor was so good, didn’t realise he was mute until the end! Looking forward to the next one!

Author — Glossaholic


What a refreshing and lovely video! Great acting and super script!!! Eagerly waiting for the next part! 👍

Author — Verticka Kohli


Deep down a feeling of innocence is what resonates me with both the actors and their conscientious performance.

Author — Raj Verma


Here for Kanwal and his performance as a silent type. 😍😍😍😍😍 Nothing is anew but how its executed, honest writing. Congratulations to everyone who made it relatable and an enjoying watch !!!

Author — Lata S Singh


Great job buddy. Loved the conversation between both of them. One just reacted and the girl just kept expressing. That's how it goes with life I guess. Good job done by everyone behind this. Keep working keep shining 🙃🤗🤷🏼‍♂️

Author — Nitin Sharma


Loved the performance of all the characters. Hope all of them get more work after this. Cheers!

Author — Gaurav Venkatesh


Lovely script... And good performance by all the cast... Eagerly awaiting for the second part 🥰

Author — Aparna Jaiswal


Really seriously fell in love with the film and the silent guy expression 😊

Author — Sonia Sinjali


What a beautiful story and acting!! Loved it and waiting for part 2. Thank you for not making “mute” the focus.

Author — Anandi Subramanian


Very good story, excellent performance by Kanwal and Ridhima, loved the acting of Sargun played by Ridhima Bedi who is veteran actor Rakesh Bedi's daughter not many know, happy to see she is such a good actress like her father ❤ whose I am a big fan

Author — Anuradha Prabhu


Sargun mam, u can't be silent type 😂😂

Author — komal suryakamble


This is truly amazing story!!! Eagerly waiting for part 2..
Also so true about girls claiming to be less talkative!!!

Author — Gulzar Singh


If it has part 2 I would love to watch N waiting
Heart touching short film loved it💞💞

Author — lolakshi p.k


I would really love to watch it's 2nd part.... please it's my humble request to the author and production team ..

Author — Conceptual Mathematics


Soooo sweet!

Who agrees that he looks like younger Mark Ruffalo ( Dr Bruce Banner/Hulk) from Avengers when he smiles?

Author — ToothyLady