William Wallace's Remains Discovered

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William Wallace's Remains Discovered 4.5

Life and Limb.

This week I take a look at a very important grave here in Scotland.

Thank you for the interest in this exploration and all your kind comments.

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Absolutely amazing. Thanks for this video. Most inspiring video I've seen in awhile. Is this in sterling?

Author — David Wallace


no way.. they had his remains scattered all over the place..Poor guy...

Author — Tina K.


Guy`s, I`m moving home atm but reading all your comments and greatly appreciate all of them, will be getting back to all when I get settled in the new cave :)

Author — Discover With Pajerico


That was interesting. I did not know part of the body was rescued and hidden there. Great abbey too.

Author — Desertify Urbex: Abandoned Places


Fascinating place, there's always so much history with these places. I love these sort of short documentaries of these places, giving history and a look around what is there. Very well done Pajerico!

Author — TheCRTProductions


Beautiful bell tower, especially the ceiling. Very interesting about WW.

Author — Catherine Sikes


When I hear Mason's I think of Templar's. They where in Scotland throughout years there. The Bell Tower was built to last n it's beautiful. The gated grave was so amazing. So much history here in this one place. But the grave for William Wallace was a reprieve for his soul. Didn't know that. Love your history Pajerico. N the scenery is wonderful. I love my journeys with you. Thanks so much for taking me along. Wonderful explore. Stay safe n God bless.

Author — Kristy *


I think the old churches and castles are the best. This maybe the beat one yet! I really did not know WW had any part of his body recovered, let lone a grave. C from the little haunted cottage 🍀🍀🍀

Author — c annett


This Freemason could spend lots of time there marveling at all the wall markings.
RIP William Wallace

Author — Crown Commando


Majestic and extremely informing of our past warrior leader. The marking are very very interesting as well. I would like to see more of The second level to see more of Masonic markings.

Author — stan hutchins


Very interesting part of ur history he was a man to be reckoned with thanks for sharing love the architecture ✌

Author — Nadine Chandler


Great intro! As soon as I heard the bell ring, the opening sounds of AC/DC's song "Hells Bells" ran through my mind. lol The stone work is incredible and it's little wonder why it has stood for so many centuries. Very interesting history about William Wallace. I had heard that his body parts were taken to different parts of the country to serve as a warning to others should they dare to cross the English. I always love these historical pieces that you do. :-) I bet this abbey was really something in the day and like you, would have loved to hear the bells ring. The swallow was so lovely flying around. Had some in the barn not too long ago. I look forward to your next adventure. :-)

Author — Mary Clark


That was throughly enjoyed Pajerico. An amazing story incredibly told. Well done. Thank you...

Author — vickie campbell


Wow thank you for this Pajerico, I've always been fascinated by the history of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce as my ancestors of clan Colquhoun were traced back and were a part of these historical times, I often wonder what it would have been like today if Wallace would have defeated the English? 🤔( And I don't mean that bad ) Thank you for this beautiful tour, stay safe and God Bless 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Author — Sonja Colquhoun


The warning to the Scots didn't work now did it. Stupid sasenach. Still at it too.

Author — M


I'm so mad that I never had the chance to go to Scotland [Stuart]. This is one place Would have loved to see. Thank you for sharing this video.

Author — Sara Decapua


Thank you so much, it is threw you and other Scotsmen That I may learn a bit of history about where my family came from.

Author — Ali Farrell


Beautiful country. Great people. The sheer amount of history is staggering

Author — xXSketchXx 2 Fast


Really cool bell tower and cemetery. We always enjoy your videos! Someday I would love to visit Scotland.

Author — Peggy Gaston


Thanks for sharing this part of your history. I love these places.

Author — Mel Blues