J.Y. Park 'Fire' feat. Conan O'Brien & Steven Yeun & Jimin Park Official M/V | CONAN on TBS

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Conan & Steven team up with J.Y. Park & a pack of K-pop superstars including the Wonder Girls and TWICE for "Fire."

J.Y. Park (박진영)
Feat. Conan O’Brien (코난 오브라이언) & Steven Yeun (스티븐 연) & Jimin Park (박지민)
JYP Entertainment


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J.Y. Park "Fire" feat. Conan O'Brien & Steven Yeun & Jimin Park Official M/V | CONAN on TBS

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All other hosts are just finding out about kpop when Conan went to Korea and made a kpop song personally. We Stan a cultural king. 👑

Автор — Key's eyebrow scar


I read an article somewhere that this was actually a project JYP was considering scrapping, but Conan's team got in touch with them and said they'd pay for expenses because they just wanted to make a K-Pop song. Truly a king of culture Conan is.

Автор — Sean


Conan was a K-Pop idol once but now he's a whole curtain!

Автор — sisni tangent


Conan is the only last night host that matters 🧡 He accepted Kpop way before it became trendy without any prejudice. Heck he even made an M/V lmaooo. I stan a cultured king

Автор — owllamb


I love how Conan was aware of Korean entertainment way before it was a thing in the west, he is truly the most cultured host in late night.

Автор — Kani Navy3


Jimmy Fallon and James Corden can boast of being friends with BTS all they want but only Conan can prove that he is a rockstar in Korea.

Автор — vio


Now Steven Yuen is an Oscar nominee. And Kpop has blown up in the western world. What a time to be alive

Автор — fairytale143


I do not know of any other man that has been in a kpop music video and in a mexican telenovela.

Автор — Keinish79


That’s your Oscar nominee for best actor people.

Автор — RedsoxWS2007


Jimmy Fallon, 2020: I've heard of BTS!
Conan, 2016: here's a whole M/V

Автор — sirprintalot


Conan can technically say on his resume he was a kpop idol under JYP Entertainment

Автор — Paintings by Leonardo


Honestly instead of Ellen I wanted TWICE to be on Conan. It would have been more fun as they have already collaborated with each other. Considering that how much TWICE has grown over the last 5 yrs, it would make most sense. I hope TWICE does come to Conan one day.

Автор — Harish Tarale


Dude as a Walking Dead fan and a kpop fan that didn't know this existed my mind is blown rn 🤯

Автор — Orblinkluv


This song sounds like it should be the ending credits of an action comedy film.

Автор — David Argo


I wasn't even aware that Conan did this! 🤯 The dude was ahead of the game in accepting K-pop before it became popular in America.

Автор — June Asiimwe


I was such a huge Conan fan, back when this came out I barely even knew who TWICE were, let alone stanning them. They had just started out, Cheer Up had not been released yet so their popularity was not massive. Things changed so quickly after this. Every time TWICE was in the US for KCON I secretly hoped that Conan would have invited them back to perform on this show. 5 years later, TWICE is the most successful girl group out of South Korea. It would have been amazing if they were his last musical guest, heck even JYP could have tagged along.

Автор — Capt. Canada of Twiceland


You know that Conan is pure awesome and class, because while others are trying to cash in on the kpop hype train, Conan was the freaking tracks long before that train ever started running. 🔥

Автор — Vigneswara Prabhu


Back then when this was newly uploaded, I wouldn't dare touch k-pop but i watched this video because i was already a fan of Conan. Today, i can say that i'm a certified Once and it blows my mind that I already saw my girls when I still didn't know who they were. Guess we have to start somewhere hahahaha

Автор — Vince Allen Yuan


Thats why Conan is the best because before KPOP getting more popular, he already see the future and had MV. They should call him sunbaenim hahahaha

Автор — Gaia


As expected of JYP, he wrote a perfect song for Conan's hyper energetic personality.

Автор — Citizen Robot Reacts