World's Smallest Piano (Only 5 Keys)

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World's Smallest Piano (Only 5 Keys) 5

I bought the smallest piano in the world. An upright piano with only 5 keys. What kind of music should I play on it? Trap? Funk?

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Me: "Honey, I bought a piano, it was 90% off!" Wife: "90% off the price?" Me: "No, 90% off the keys."

Author — Nosnafus


EA be like: you need to pay $50 to unlock the rest of the piano

Author — Naveen


Omg I can’t imagine how Long it took to learn that song. He had to use half the number of keys on the piano to play it.

Author — DinoboyAsh21


kid: mom, can i have a piano for christmas?

*Christmas arrives*

mom: heres your piano.

Author — Ilman Zidni


Me: "Mom, can we get a piano?"

Mom: "No we got piano at home"

Piano at home:

Author — Filippo Saglimbene


Blizzard be like: This is the reforged version of original piano.

Author — John McMillan


This feels like a mr bean episode without the fake laughter

Author — jasmera9889


i'd be a world class pianist if this is the only piano that exist

Author — Elle Lau


My mom: what video you watching?

Me: I’m not watching the video
Also me: the video is watching me

Author — DarkF Videos


Someone: goes to the trouble of producing a gimmick piano with only 5 keys.

Someone else: doesn't even bother to tune it.

Author — Tyler Durden


simply piano: Works great on any keyboard or piano!

are you sure about that

Author — Kawaii Sisters


Me: “mom, can I get a baby piano with only 5 keys?”
My mom: “no, it’s a waste of money.”
Me: “alright then, fine, I’ll make my own.”
My mom: “like you’re ever going to be able to do that.”
Me: *goes downstairs to our regular piano and slices a portion of it off*
Also me: “mom look”
My mom: “GET OUT”

Author — LG Curse


Looks like someone bought a piano on a black friday sale.

Author — H of The Stage


O canal brasileiro só tem gringo cadê o povo do Brasil

Author — VMZIN FF


Mom: I’ve bought you a brand new piano, on the package ther is “Easy to play”
Me: Ok !
The piano:

Author — Federico Serri


1:39 the moment i expected him to complete symphony 5, instead he stared into me

Author — Sunil Kr


It’s not really the “smallest”, it just has the least keys

Author — Coco Zeng


If Apple became a piano company

Piano mini:

Author — Luke Saccento


Finally, someone who can look at me without gagging

Author — Peepzariaz


While he’s playing the piano he literally looks dead inside XD

Author — Ready Freddie