FIRST DRIVE In Our 10.3L Supercharged Big Block Camaro! **GRAB YOUR MULLETS**

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FIRST DRIVE In Our 10.3L Supercharged Big Block Camaro! **GRAB YOUR MULLETS** 5

FINALLY, Toast goes on his first drive! Can't wait to see what he'll make on the dyno!

Here's some of the items we got off of Summit Racing:

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If y'all don't tune this car to make exactly 1776 wheel hp, the internet is gonna be sad

Author — olye11r


it is now clear why America is fighting for oil fields

Author — bbwin1


So glad he didn't sneeze when letting out the clutch y'all would've ended up in the future!

Author — SCuba Do


"How much power?"
"More than your birth year"
"But you don't know m-"
"Doesn't matter what year!"

Author — Csyk


I edited this comment so you don’t know why it has so many like

Author — Dylan Colombana


This is a completely unnecessary thing to create. God I love America

Author — Syrius Ray


"How American are you?"

Cleetus: "10 Liter engine"

Author — Khanyiso Mapuma


This reminds me of one of those cars that never gets finished. Something breaks on every test drive because of the monsterous amount of horsepower.

Author — Big Seksi


That guy looks like a Peyton Manning/Mark Zuckerberg lovechild

Author — Nathan N2


I used to drag here back in high school .that railroad crossing up their is exactly a quarter mile away from here. on green i'm going for it

Author — Retro 67


There are 4 bolts that come loose behind the steering wheel that cause the wheel to tilt when you pull it, like it does at 10:20 Install some thread locker and tighten them down and it will fix it. Common 3rd Gen problem.
(like so they can see please)

Author — DeeFoxGaming


This guy's personality is like he watched king of the hill his whole life growing up 🤣

Author — Nick O


Boy if you don't have a killswitch, install one because if that throttle gets stuck wide open, you are dead.

Author — Morte Parla


Me: How many miles per gallon?
Cleetus: Miles?

Author — Logik Bomb


"How much torque?"
Cleetus: Yep.

Author — Javonte Treble


This is more American than high cholesterol

Author — hyoussef99


I see this and think of the old adage " There's no replacement for displacement" I think you've got that covered :)

Author — ericthedread1


*starts car*
*drives an inch forward*


_aight imma head out_

Author — Phantom Esports


*You know it's serious business when Cleetus is intimidated.*

Author — TBMD


Extra comment in case my other one not clicked on: That belt is same brand and part number that runs a certain carpet making machine but at like 25% price of one in race world. Just so ya know.

Author — Accelerator Magazine