Gore Reviews - Operation Flashpoint: Red River

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Gore Reviews - Operation Flashpoint: Red River 5
A review of the blood and gore effects in Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Codemasters)

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About Gore Reviews:
Gore Reviews is a review series reviewing blood and gore effects in games that are considered gory.

Attention to detail will be rewarded with high scores, while flashy, but superficial effects (such as blood puffs) will not impact the score much.
The final score is calculated by the following categories:
Body damage - 30%
Environment - 30%
Animations and sounds - 30%
The feel - 10%

Why is gore important? It's simply feedback for the action on the screen.
This series discusses response mechanics in various games, what they did right and what could be improved.

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Great review, as always. You really deserve more subscribers.

Author — Григорий Минюк


You should do a gore review on Alien Vs Predator 2010.

Author — I’m better than you


That blood doesn't make sense at all. In fact, there is blood on the body, but no blood splatters that cover the area.

Author — Skeletor TooFor9Eight


in borderlands 2 enemys have a change of behavior when they in low health

Author — Matteo Ziegler


Operation flashpoint:Red river has a combination of two things I absolutely love a hardcore military shooter and a gore O W E V E R T H E R E A R E I S S U E S

Author — Osg Killerzzz :


Probably my favorite channel to find the goriest games to buy. Thanks dude :D

Author — Erony


"The Amazing Magic Medic Bag." xD I found that line absolutely funny. Sounds like something off of a kids show.

Author — 3rd Street AVolitionite


man this game has a lot of promise to it but damn did they ruin it. this could be a very epic game if done right.

Author — MarcoBoltz


After the intro when you blew that guys side off, I knew it was gonna be good.

Author — Firbin 4576


This was the only game that made me bust a gut almost from laughing so hard.

Author — jackson thompson


Your voice and accent is perfect for gore reviews

Author — OmgItsUnknown


Guys, maybe there's no dismemberment, or real stains on enemies, but..

Can we all agree that when a guy gets shot in Red Dead Redemption, you can see that he felt it. He holds the wound, he flops about, and you can tell there's weight to that person. If he gets hit in a non-lethat way, he twists and turns, and tries to crawl away. It's amazing. Still waiting for another game to feel the same way.

Author — Byeah #427


I just subscribed to a channel that reviews how badly a person can be mutilated/blown up/destroyed. Wow what has happen to me and mostly I watch it while I am eating food.

Author — Vidit Jain


As you may love how good the gore is and all, actual soldiers saw worse in the actual field. Just to let you know so it doesn't look fun in the army and gore is just a joke

Author — Leslie Motorsport


hey, love your vids and this game, can you do a gore review for overgrowth, the blood spilling mechanics are amazing! thanks, Daniel

Author — Sync Shot


Keep up the good work!!! I've watched all of your gore reviews and enjoy all of your videos :D

Author — Edward Allen


Well I was playing the I E D level and when the ambush happened a marine running got shot in the head and died instantly

Author — Deutchen Soldaten


Fantastic overview and presentation! I think these people made ARMA and I wish they would add such effects :D

Author — MythicUSA


While i do subjectively disagree about the gore being as central to a game as you do, i really respect how you specialize in this one aspect of games you are passionate about and provide a comprehensive and methodical review. In a constructive manner, i.e. with personal recommendations and ideas for improvement. Something critics often leave out because it can be a lot of work.

Not a big fan of numerical scoring systems myself, but i do understand that it gets many people out there engaged. Well done.

Author — paaatreeeck


Great video, you should do a Resident Evil 7 one!

Author — w0Ez