RIAT 2019: BEST OF ARRIVALS & TAKE OFFS (airshowvision)

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RIAT 2019: BEST OF ARRIVALS & TAKE OFFS (airshowvision) 4.5

Here is a pretty quickly edited video of the best of RIAT's arrivals from the main day on Thursday, and also some of the practise take-offs from the rehearsals.

Featured aircraft include Flankers, Tornados, MiG 21's, Typhoons, F15, and a multitude of special liveries.

Due to time restraints this video does not feature the practise displays in full.

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9:52 WTFF
14:40 the mothership arrives

Author — Jaxon


4:22 - The Luftwaffe paint job on the Typhoon is probably about the best and most respectful scheme I have ever seen on a special.

Author — climbtherainbow


That Su-27P at the end. I was in the carpark trying to leave. Many more car alarms went off with that flying around. Beastly noise!

Author — Tariq B


Another fantastic video, thank you so much.
A lot of people just don't know how good the Typhoon really a phenomenal aircraft, especially in the hands of an RAF pilot.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💪💪💪💪

Author — Arsene Who?


The German jet with the picture of the Red Baron on it's tail was pretty cool.

Author — Peter Szarow


Every time I see an F16, I think to myself: "I remember when General Dynamics made airplanes."

Author — Palanthis


33:36 2nd gen dodge seem to be having another easy day

Author — mustang 521


I could watch this stuff all day! Love the special pint jobs. Thanks for sharing this one

Author — synaptik111


Always appreciate the quality of your videos! Thank you very much!! Much love from Canada! 🇨🇦🇨🇦

Author — David Larocque


That's me and Jaffa arriving at 39.30 in the Bowser. Great video.

Author — kevin hale


13:45 That's a good way to lose a "Contact Lens".

Author — Danny Seo


Yes, planes of all countries are beautiful! And the West and Eastern Europe! And how many legendary planes! MiG-21, Phantoms ...

Author — Васиатка Безпутная


8:52 NATO is Looking for a new light ground attack Aircraft i think the Alpha Jet would have been perfect for the role

Author — Mad Dog


I bloody love the Russian hardware. Just so raw and edgy. And something you rarely get to see.

Author — Oliver Lewin


We are one of the few airforces which still using F-4 phantoms :( Old but still legendary..

Author — Tolga Atilla


Car shouting on the takeoff of su-27 ;)

Author — rederos


2:44 those typhoon engines sound awsum!

Author — The Last Saxon


our vacuum cleaner from the eighties was as loud as the il 76 with the older engines :D:D

Author — Tomas T


Flankers always steal the birds...love the things....best looking jet around.

Author — russell morgan


Is it me, or do D-Day stripes suit the F-16 quite well?

Author — David Knowles