The Last of the Iron Sisters: SWOLE Ep. 2

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The Last of the Iron Sisters: SWOLE Ep. 2 4.5

In 2015, the women's bodybuilding division was dropped from Ms. Olympia - marking the possible end of women's bodybuilding. The Wings of Strength organization stepped in and started the Rising Phoenix competition to give these women a platform to compete.

In episode 2 of Swole, we follow pro-bodybuilder Helle Trevino as she prepares for this competition and talk to 8-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray and the founders of Wings of Strength about how they're pushing to keep the sport alive.

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I personally don't find these women's physiques attractive. However I do respect the hell out of their dedication and commitment. And yes I know they don't give a crap about whether or not I find them attractive

Author — Claudio Munoz


Fun fact : she won the following year lol

Author — Tatosnation


I love the sport, hate the roids. Us ladies can be very strong, with out that garbage

Author — Rachel Blufox Aaron


bruuh if she stops you on the road and says youre her man, then YOU are her man..

Author — TheTymuller


"they're not seeing what's inside"
blood clots. blood clots are inside.

Author — tricko1231


I respect physical culture, not drug abuse.

Author — Craig Castanet, D.C.


This chick seems confident and thinks she's beautiful, if it makes her feel good then best of luck to her.

Author — Old Guy


Female bodybuilding pulls in zero money, that’s why they’re removing it from all these organizations

Author — Patrick Doherty


When you're so juiced out as a woman that you start to sound and look like a man.

Author — Marcus Groover


It's the man faces. That's why they fell off. They kept over doing the test, and people stopped showing up.

Author — moreforme74


the implants on top of chest muscles is hilarious

Author — Garrett Bamman


It makes her happy so let her be. Lifting makes me happy and changes my mood

Author — brian smith


3:28 Dam, even her cheek is ripped
While I'm still trying to get a six pack😔

Author — T Ghost


If they wanna compete...let them. Accommodate them...they deserve that respect

Author — da biz


How come the first episode of this series was about steroid use in men. Now we get to the female side, who are clearly taking steroids as well. No mention. Instead, feels like this one is more empowering. Why is that?

Author — Rohit Ahuja


I've always respected body builders in general due to how hard bodybuilding really is. Watching this made me respect women who do this so much more.

Author — CreaTure


Although I do not desire to have my body look like theirs, I still think they have bodies that show off tons of hard work, are beautiful in a muscular aesthetically pleasing way.

Author — Marlene Miller


Suggested Video: My 3, 000 lbs Life

The full spectrum of YouTube

Author — Gabe The Great


Are we gonna ignore the fact, that she is juicing like smoothie King store 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Author — brian hannon


“That’s a man baby, yeah!”
-Austin Powers after every one of them walks on stage

Author — brett warren