Vive Pro 2 - Through The Lens - Half-Life: Alyx - [RAW] [UNCOMMENTED]

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 лет ago

Here is the first through-the-lens video of the brand new HTC Vive Pro 2. This is just part of my full review that is coming up soon! So stay tuned!

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💬 Comments

What do you think of the Vive Pro 2 picture quality?



Those graphics look amazing! The through the lens almost looks like a recording

Author — GaryGary


Stunning. Great to see others appreciate sense of place. Now let’s hope the industry steps it up - and caters to the high end enthusiast market out there !

Author — D K


Highly anticipating your review! Would really like to know about FOV and sweetspot comparisons.

Author — PandaShake


Wow screens and lens come on far quicker than expected nice one Seb

Author — Shiny Robot


Thank you so much Sebastian for this insight!
Also, how are the blacks compared to vive pro oled?

Author — A Random Guy


I try not to get too excited for anything vive does these days, but I still look forward to your review. I hope this thing has eyetracking if it has a resolution even better than the G2..

Author — Guinea54


Thanks for sharing this Sebastian! Can't wait to get your full review and thoughts, especially with respect to comparisons with Index, G2 and Pimax. Is this good enough to be your daily driver?

Author — Scott


That looks phenomenal. I think I know what I'll be saving for then. It'll make an awesome upgrade from my original Vive headset.

Author — Bryndal Dwyre


Great video but usually I find such as not doing the justice properly. The only and true test would be to see some texts, numbers, fine details etc., great video though, huge fan of yours! 👍

Author — Zenobi Kraweznick


I'm looking to upgrade my OG Vive with this, though I only have a 1070 - will it be worth it? I figured it'll still be upgrade resolution wise even if I can't hit the max just yet and upgrade GPU later

Was very concerned after watching Voodoo's revew though. Not watched any of his vids before and his headset broke after also so not really sure what to believe atm

Author — DarkWolfAS


Hi, could you please make a half-resolution video (like you did for the Reverb G2) ? Maybe side by side ?

Author — LDOAKED


Wow! It looks like there is absolutely no screen door. PC monitor quality image.

Author — Great TanTrum


2:24 This moment, when you leave the Matrix --- EPIC!!

Author — VolcaNiced


Two through the lens videos, two dropped controllers! 😅

Author — Janred


The blacks look quite impressive I have heard that it has a very good contrast ratio using sharps LCD screen 1100:1 contrast.

Author — Jericho07


I have a Vive Pro setup currently and looking to upgrade the headset to Pro2, but looking at this vid I am not fully convinced.
either it is the bad quality of video ( although I am plyaing the vid at 2160p ), but I don't see such immediate update difference from the resolution and screen-door effect to jump up with joy and rush to order immediately a Pro2. I see both still very close to each other, in other words : not that significant difference in image quality to make that upgrade

Author — Kurt B


I've got a Quest 2 and have preordered the Vive Pro 2. How noticeable a difference is it between these two headsets? Hard to tell a difference in your between the lenses shots.

Author — Kevin Brook


Resolution/clarity , sweet spot size, fov are my main interests
( all the other stuff is already known from countless historic vive pro vids etc ) thanks

Author — Adrian Stealth


Really nice. The problem with that 2xxxx X 2xxxx headsets is that the most of us didn't get their hands on 3080 GPUs. I have a G2 which I don't use very often because even with a 2080ti I have to downsample to 60-80% to achieve Minimum FPS. I mostly use the Quest2 for PC VR wireless .... No Cable is King ...

Author — moXieMau5