SCOTUS same-sex wedding cake decision: How both sides say they got here today

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SCOTUS same-sex wedding cake decision: How both sides say they got here today 4.5
ABC News' "Nightline" spoke to cake artist Jack Phillips and married couple Charles Craig and Dave Mullins last week, before the Supreme Court's ruling Monday in Phillips' favor.

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Gay or not, those guys just seem like genuinely awful people. It's like they're just dripping with entitlement. I'm not even religious, but I'm glad the baker won; he appears to be a really sweet man. Honestly wishing the best for him from here on out.

Author — Punkyagogo


Death threats.. Over a cake. Some people need to stop abusing the communal oxygen.

Author — TominBach


As a fellow Christian, I completely agree with this bakery owner’s decision. They could have gone to a different bakery. People today are just too sensitive.

Author — Bladelikeaknife


I’m bisexual and I support the Baker. Go to a different bakery. It would be one thing if he refused service entirely, but he was fine with birthday cakes or anything else — just not a wedding cake. Leave him alone.

Author — Kal


Would you walk into a Jewish cake shop & expect them to make you a Jesus cake?

Would walk into a Muslim cake shop & expect them to draw naked women on your cake?

I wouldn't walk into an LGBT cake shop & expect them to make me something that goes against there beliefs.

That's equality...

Author — Sosa Mendez


Leave this man alone. You don’t like the customer service go to a different store

Author — veerchasm1


When u hear him talk and apologize to them when he can't do that, he sounds very nice. He doesn't refuse to be with them or talk to them because they are gay, it's purely because of the ceremonial value of a wedding.

Author — CAT DURGS



Attention seekers...

Don’t expect any respect for your relationship if you don’t want to exercise the same amount of respect for a persons freedom to exercise their religious beliefs in a workplace they rightfully earned...

He wasn’t rude to them nor did he do anything to deserve to be sworn at by them in his own store nor did he do anything to warrant anyone to pressure him to change himself..

Author — Honest Answers


okay so its wrong for him to stand up for what he believes but its encouraged in the gay community?

Author — Tannar Mathers


That awkward moment when the LGBTQ boycott his business but later realize he wasn't going to serve them anyway 😂😂😂

Author — Rage


If you replaced Christian with Muslim this story would of never aired.

Author — Captain Gaming


Government should stay out of private businesses, period.

Author — Arlindo Melo


did they really have to bring that poor cake maker into all of this, couldn't they have just gone to some other bakery?

Author — Jacob Behr


i'm within the lgbtq community and this baker has all the rights to refuse service. it does and will make some upset, but the couple took it too far. if it's a small business let alone his he has all the right to refuse service. it would be different if it was a bigger business like amazon. i feel like it takes emotional maturity to accept that not everyone will agree with your lifestyle, but will at least accept and respect.

Author — マズウMazzu


Thanks for ruining this guy's life and business

Author — meg grotte


*On a serious note though, this guy is a talented baker. 🎂*

Author — Harambe Jr.


"A small modest post"

*writes an entire post with store information and inciting people to take action against said store*

Author — Griffyn Margetts


It's like suing Mormon restaurant owners for refusing to serve you beer.

Author — The Q-Tip J-Hope throws in the YNWA Preview Show


They shopped this poor guy . They wanted to make an example and intimidate others into complying . Evil knows no bounds .

Author — thom torrez


It was intentional. They wanted the attention that's it because they could have literally gone to any other bakery they wanted.

Author — courage agbeyebiawo