SCOTUS same-sex wedding cake decision: How both sides say they got here today

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SCOTUS same-sex wedding cake decision: How both sides say they got here today 4.5
ABC News' "Nightline" spoke to cake artist Jack Phillips and married couple Charles Craig and Dave Mullins last week, before the Supreme Court's ruling Monday in Phillips' favor.

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Leave this man alone. You don’t like the customer service go to a different store

Author — veerchasm1


A Christian can't discriminate against gays but gays can discriminate against Christian's! You can't demand your rights while taking another's rights away! Duh!

Author — Graft Me


What if a satanic group asked him to make a cake. The cake saying, I hate God....

I believe in freedom! Find another bakery, NOT that hard!

Author — Regulator 222


Well done cake man support from Christian Ireland

Author — dfitzize


His bakery his choice. Mad respect for you sir.

Author — Anggara Kun


So they want him to respect their sexuality but they can’t respect his faith

Ahaha damn I started a huge argument😂😂😂

Author — Not my problem


Go to another bakery or bake your own cake.You don't have to cause a scene. *Elaine*



*The gay couple be like:*
"Next stop, the halal muslim bakery."

Author — Denmark


These guys are such hypocrites they want the baker to accept them, but they don’t accept the bakers religious beliefs. This world is getting really sad.

Author — Angeleyez cosmetics


"We have never been treated like anywhere"

So basically, they have never been told no.

Author — RORO roro


The gay couple took it too far :

Will someone go to an Orthodox Muslim restaurant and ask them to make pork ?

or go to an orthodox hindu restaurant and ask them to make beef ?

No Right .
so if they refuse do they deserve to get jail time ?

A big

Author — Asolu Zuo


This could’ve been resolved if the couple just walked out and found a new bakery to do there wedding cake instead of having the global argument

Author — Laa Laa


uhhhh they can go to 1000 other places that will offer them gay things... let the man be religious

Author — E. K


The gay couple needs to get over it!! Y'all never dealt with discrimination before?? Good for this Baker to stand for what he believes in!

Author — Dizziemiss Lizzie


Couple: can you bake us a cake
Baker: Nah
Couple: were gonna end this mans WHOLE CAREER😂😂

Author — detago


Gay or not, those guys just seem like genuinely awful people. It's like they're just dripping with entitlement. I'm not even religious, but I'm glad the baker won; he appears to be a really sweet man. Honestly wishing the best for him from here on out.

Author — Punkyagogo


That is so sad. I'm praying for you and your bakery!

Author — Dana Valencia


God bless this man for sticking to his beliefs. 🙏🏽👏🏽

Author — Lysander Holguin


I never realised that the baker had said he was fine with them having anything they wanted from his bakery, aside of the wedding cake 🤔🤯

Author — Miss Kizmet The Mistress


Oh so the baker has to respect you but you don’t have to respect him.. interesting.

Author — OGprince